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  • Status Report – 091322

    status report 091322

    Status Report – 091322:

    The body and brain aren’t cooperating today. I’ve got stuff to do and things to think about and I feel like my body and mind are filled with cement.

    Thus is the life of a writer: be at the keyboard anyway.

    We’re putting the final touches on GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE and getting it ready for press. I also have the newsletter to start and a freelance gig to do.

    We’re at the stage in book production where I’m now going to focus on releasing them one at a time instead of working on all three (GATORS, YEAR FOUR, THE LONG YEAR FIVE) at once behind the scenes. Basically what’s left to do is double check the formatting and cover checking.

    All this takes time because I’m working with a team so can’t go whole hog and do it all in a single day like the old days. Was mentioning to Melinda last night how I once heard publishing is a young man’s game. The older I get, the more I feel that. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

    Off to work.

    This has been your Status Report for 091322.


  • On Coffee Time

    The fun part about these Public Journal entries is I can make them about anything I want.

    Today I want to talk about coffee time, namely morning coffee time.

    I have this bad habit of waking up, eating, then wanting to get right to work. I used to do that but my summer schedule has taught me to slow things down and practice self-care. So I have a (new) rule: no working until after coffee. Like everyone, coffee clears the cobwebs and brings focus to the day. And when you’re a writer, a clear head is an asset and I have to remember that each morning until it becomes a habit.

    I have an erratic sleep schedule. I go to bed early because I’m tired, then I wake up at 1, am up for a bit, then go back to sleep, then wake up at 5ish, then go back to sleep for a couple hours. I wish I could sleep through the night like Melinda but I wake up with stories on my mind. I also suspect it’s this sleep schedule that makes me groggy in the morning hence why the coffee is so important.

    So I’ve slowed things down, in a manner of speaking, and won’t start my day until after coffee and the cobwebs have cleared. I find I’m more productive this way and right now productive is what I need to be even if I’m still on the summer schedule.


  • Clean up Day

    Having been so focused on getting books out to you, a lot of little things have piled up both professionally and personally. Today I’m working my way through a laundry list of to-do items like drafting up this week’s issue of THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION.

    I won’t likely get it all done and I have a class tonight. By the time that’s over, it’ll be time to wind down before bed.

    Anyway, sometimes you need to set aside a day to play catch-up.


  • Status Report: Notes from Sabbatical – 120420

    status report 120420

    Status Report: Notes from Sabbatical – 120420:

    December is here. And it came too quickly. The days have been rocketing by.

    I’m working again but via a different schedule (the sabbatical one). I’m still recovering from burn out so am taking the time in the off-hours for self-care. But in the on hours, I’m getting things done.

    Speaking of which, I have some spots to fill in my freelance schedule so if you have need of an experienced editor and/or book cover designer, I’m your man. I’ve helped bring 170+ projects to life and always keep the author’s vision in mind.

    For my rates and other services, please go here.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with you.

    This concludes Status Report: Notes from Sabbatical – 120420.


  • Status Report – 070120

    status report

    Status Report – 070120:

    On this Canada Day, we’re at the desk getting some work done despite having some brain fog. It’s a stat holiday for most folks, but I never take those off because my chosen profession is based on deadlines and each day off further delays those deadlines.

    Which is fine, me working.

    Making art is how I prefer to spend my time anyway. But as for you, if you have today off, go easy, take a breath, and recharge so you’re ready for the remainder of the week.

    This morning, I posted a new chapter of Zomtropolis to Patreon. You can read it–and get caught up–by going here.

    Now back to work.

    This has been your Status Report for 070120.


  • Status Report – 042620

    Junior Penciled and Inked

    Status Report – 042620:

    Just working and making comics. Who you see above is part of the Fredrikus storyline and more about this character will be revealed when the strip airs.

    This week’s comic-making schedule is roughly mapped out and, so far, we are on track for a timely release.

    We’re also soon going to be entering a production era here at Axiom-man Central. Lots of work is more or less ready to start going through the production machine, with the ultimate end game being to get these things into your hands.

    Almost there.

    And, as always, my door is open for any questions.

    This has been your Status Report for 042620.


  • Status Report – 042020

    top of Fredrikus page 14

    Status Report – 042020:

    Today we’re trying to do things with 20/20 vision given the date, which may or may not be obtained due to a nagging health slip that is being tended to but takes time to recover from. Regardless, we’re still working and still trucking along. As you can see from the photo, we’re about to start Page 14 of Fredrikus, or Episode 12.

    Not long from now, the penciled and inked pages will go into the computer for final design, color, and formatting. Then they’ll be ready for the Fredrikus website.

    Thus far, we are on track for my estimated launch date, which I will mention once I have enough penciled and inked pages for the computer. So soon.

    Today, we’re making comics and tending to some personal stuff (one of those double-booked days).

    We’re also hoping that the newsletter broadcaster is back up and running so I can send out the edition that was supposed to go out over the weekend.

    I think that will be the day. Yesterday was a trying one and I’m learning that two packed days in a row are bad for me.

    This has been your Status Report for 042020.


  • Slowing Down to Speed Up: Blogging Schedule Shift

    Slowing Down to Speed Up

    Slowing Down to Speed Up: Blogging Schedule Shift.

    There is a lot on the go. Working at 1000mph has birthed all sorts of pathways and roads to travel down. Problem is, I only have one car.

    You get the parallel.

    This note is to inform you my new working method is based on the concept of slowing down to speed up. This is healthy for you, healthy for me, and healthy for 2020’s goals and projects as a whole.

    So here is the new blogging schedule:


    Simply put, the blog is short-term switching over to me posting when I feel like it or have something to say or want to show you something. Knowing me, it’ll still be fairly regularly but not on the Monday-to-Friday-mornings schedule. Going to keep things fluid for the time being. Be sure to check in as part of your Internet rounds, but bear in mind I could be posting any time of day. New posts will also be shared via the social networks as per usual.

    We’re at a place with the workload where something relatively large needs to drop to Low Power Mode and the blog was selected.

    Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, The Canister X Transmission. Each issue has a blog headline rundown as to what posted during the week so it’s another simple way to be notified of new content. It goes out Saturdays.