Redemption of the Dead (Undead World Trilogy, Book 3)

A Rising Army.

The Devil.


The forces of Good and Evil are gathering, each side preparing themselves for what could be their last confrontation because the commander of the armies of darkness has arrived on Earth—the devil himself.

Overwhelmed after witnessing the manifestation of Heaven’s fallen angel, Lucifer, Billie is assigned two final tasks before the big battle. These assignments take her across the world where she meets two German brothers who prove to be tremendous allies as she goes to recruit brave men and women for humanity’s last stand, and the strange supernatural tool required to finally set all things right.

Back in the city, Joe and Tracy have to lean on each other and learn that a world full of zombies with Hell’s army at the door isn’t a time to keep secrets and risk the lives of others to keep them safe. The two go head-to-head as they struggle to survive what they discover are the last days of the zombie invasion and the powerful supernatural forces behind it.

This final installment in the Undead World Trilogy is a wild adventure through a post-apocalyptic world that takes the reader to the very gates of Hell for one last strike against an enemy that has destroyed a planet.

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