• Status Report – 100422

    status report 010521

    Status Report – 100422:

    I’m sick today but am still trying to get things done.

    The eBook for GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE went in to the printer’s this morning and is in processing. Assuming all is well, it should be available for your eReader soon.

    I think my plan for the day is to go slow and things will take as long as they take. Might have to get a nap in as well.

    I also landed a side gig that will take up most of my time but it was an opportunity I had to say yes to. I’m not sure how it’ll affect my arts career but in these lean times, money’s money.

    Anyway, my head feels like it’s been put through a cement mixer so I’m going to sign off.

    Sick days.

    This has been your Status Report for 100422.


  • Giganti-gator Death Machine: Triple Feature

    Giganti-gator Death Machine: Triple Feature

    Be careful going in the water.

    It lurks beneath the surface, thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh. It roams where it may and sometimes finds a feast to satisfy its need to kill.

    Book I: What is supposed to be a fun weekend with friends quickly turns into a bloodbath when a massive alligator invades their fun.

    Book II: In the once-quiet town of Cedarhaven, two giant alligators wreak havoc. Will anyone survive? It’s double trouble as two giant gators stalk the town and surrounding area.

    Book III: It’s a triple threat when three gigantic alligators go on a rampage and brutally kill and destroy anything in their path. Are they unstoppable?

    Come join the mayhem in three blood-filled novellas from cult writer A.P. Fuchs.

    Available in paperback from:


    Barnes and Noble

    Available in eBook from:




  • Project Rebuild Update

    PROJECT REBUILD has been a long haul. It started mid-August 2019 and is still ongoing. Delays are attributed to bouts of illness and the pandemic. But it makes sense it would take this long. I had eight books to edit or proofread, get compiled and designed, plus cover work.

    The first book to go to press last week was GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE. And, of course, there had to be a snag. The paperback is ready but the eBook (though ready here at Axiom-man Central) has put me in a waiting loop as I wait on my printer to transfer files and basically move my whole catalog from Lightning Source to Ingram Spark (LS no longer offers eBook distribution). It is still ongoing as of this writing.

    Most of the other books are ready or half-ready for press. It’s this eBook thing that’s holding me back at the moment. I ask for your patience.

    What I’m doing is building a publishing machine and doing what I can each day to get that machine built and these books out to the public.

    I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Just be patient with me as I wait on the infrastructure to complete my vision.



  • Status Report – 092122

    status report 120420

    Status Report – 092122:

    Yesterday, I went to press on GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE. Right now the printer is processing the files. My team member and I hit at snag on the eBook side of things so I’m in touch with my printer as to what to do. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. The main thing is the print copies turn out all right for Winnipeg Comic Con at the end of October. I can fiddle with the eBook side of things until then.

    Why am I having eBook trouble? It’s simple, really. The old way of how I did things doesn’t work for me anymore so I’m looking into new ways to distribute my eBooks from one central location. An eBook hub, as it were. Eventually all my titles will get migrated over but until then, I’ll be doing this new system with new books going forward.

    In other news, I barely slept Monday night, worked yesterday, but got a full night’s sleep last night. Still feeling the cobwebs, however, so I’m going to cut this one short.

    This has been your Status Report for 092122.


  • Newsletter Invite

    If you’re already a subscriber to my weekly newsletter, THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION, thank you. If you keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them.

    If you’re not a subscriber, why not head over to TinyLetter via the subscribe link to the right (on PC) or to this link right here on mobile and get a free weekly newsletter in your inbox each Saturday? You’ll also get a free thriller e-novelette called THE DANCE OF MERVO AND FATHER CLOWN as a thank you for subscribing.

    See you this Saturday.


  • On Hobbies

    Character flaw: I have no hobbies or other areas of interest outside of stories and publishing.

    For twenty years I’ve lived and breathed this stuff. It’s how I spent ALL of my time. What it’s left me with is nothing to do when creative time is done. I’m a different–and older–man compared to my twenties and thirties. I have responsibilities, people to love, and a life to invest in thus my working time has been cut back.

    As much as I’d like to say I do this morning until night–like I used to–now I do it morning until late afternoon, which leaves many other hours in the day. I’ve figured out how to spend some of that time . . . but I need a hobby outside of collecting stuff. I need a hobby where I DO something.

    Heck, it might even feed into the creativity.


  • Status Report – 091322

    status report 091322

    Status Report – 091322:

    The body and brain aren’t cooperating today. I’ve got stuff to do and things to think about and I feel like my body and mind are filled with cement.

    Thus is the life of a writer: be at the keyboard anyway.

    We’re putting the final touches on GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE and getting it ready for press. I also have the newsletter to start and a freelance gig to do.

    We’re at the stage in book production where I’m now going to focus on releasing them one at a time instead of working on all three (GATORS, YEAR FOUR, THE LONG YEAR FIVE) at once behind the scenes. Basically what’s left to do is double check the formatting and cover checking.

    All this takes time because I’m working with a team so can’t go whole hog and do it all in a single day like the old days. Was mentioning to Melinda last night how I once heard publishing is a young man’s game. The older I get, the more I feel that. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

    Off to work.

    This has been your Status Report for 091322.


  • Gators

    GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE: TRIPLE FEATURE is almost done. The paperback is formatted and the cover is near complete. Next up is the eBook edition.

    Sorry this book has taken so long during the production phase. There was a lot of work to do in terms of editing and putting three novellas together prior to that.

    Prepare to stay out of the water.