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  • Status Report – 110723


    Status Report – 110723:

    Patreon. That is this week’s focus. The trailer is done and is premiering at 7PM CST November 12, 2023 (this Sunday evening) on YouTube.

    There are so many cool things about this new page and as a creator I get to play around with every single one of them.

    I plan to send out THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION as usual this Saturday then a special Patreon Announcement edition on November 13, 2023. Might want to subscribe to make sure you get it.

    As well, promotion continues for ZOMTROPOLIS: A RECORD OF LIFE IN A DEAD CITY. I placed an order with the printer over the weekend so in the next couple weeks or so there will be an unboxing video revealing it as well as the two new collected editions of THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION and a couple other titles I need some stock for.

    Watch this space, as they say.

    But it’d be better if you subscribed. For a creator, a subscription to something they do is important. It helps in so many ways on so many levels and, best of all, it’s free. Costs you nothing other than a click.

    I should probably put out a list of free things readers and fans can do for their favorite creators for free. I know money’s tight for everybody these days and I know there are a lot of readers and supporters out there who would like to try a creator’s work but can’t for whatever reason. That’s understandable and totally valid.

    So, yeah, if you can do something for a creator that doesn’t cost you a cent, take the second or two and go ahead and do it. The support is still there, and in the arts, as cliche as it sounds, it’s not always about the money. Art is meant to be shared. Creators just ask money for it so they can buy the time they need to make it for you.

    All right, enough rambling. Time to get back to work.

    This has been your Status Report for 110723.