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  • A.P. Fuchs Patreon Page 2.0 is Live!

    A.P. Fuchs Patreon Page 2.0 is Live!

    Realm of Heroes and Monsters Patreon Page thumbnail

    Welcome to Patreon 2.0, my second effort on the platform. I made sure to load it full of patron-exclusive goodies plus a bunch of stuff that’s available to everyone as I don’t want to put all my work behind a paywall.

    As a patron of my page, you get the following:

    $1 – Tip Jar. That’s all it is. Your reward is my gratitude.

    $5 – Full monthly access to all public content that I put on the Web PLUS PATRON EXCLUSIVE content not found anywhere else except via Patreon. Thus far, they are:

    • Patron Exclusive Photography
    • Patron Exclusive Essays
    • Patron Exclusive Behind the Scenes
    • Patron Exclusive Artwork
    • Patron Exclusive Videos
    • Patron Exclusive Blog Posts
    • Patron Exclusive Quick Notes
    • Patron Serial Novels

    Hope you join me and dive in head first into the REALM OF HEROES AND MONSTERS on Patreon.

    A.P. Fuchs Patreon Page Trailer

    See you there!