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  • On Broadcast Mode

    Some people might wonder why I periodically switch to broadcast mode with social media. The answer is simple: eliminate distraction. I program Hootsuite with my social media posts and let it run in the background so I can focus on producing more work in the foreground. It’s tough to constantly lead two lives—digital and physical—so to unplug and take a break from one lets me work on the only life that truly matters, which is the physical one I have on Earth.

    Besides, it speeds up getting books and comics to you because I’m spending my time making them instead of writing thousands of words in social media posts.

  • On Having a Brick in Your Head

    There are days when your head feels like it’s filled with sand or some sort of concrete lump instead of a brain. It makes you tired and you don’t feel like writing or drawing, and all you want to do is take a nightcap and go to sleep.

    But you have to work anyway.

    You have to.

    Books and art don’t make themselves. You let yourself slide one day, then the next time it becomes two days, then three, then four. Soon, you’ve got nothing to show for your year.

    Brick in the head or not, the work needs to get done. No way around it. We live in a society where a lot of people don’t want to work for something. Too bad. Whether you feel like it or not, work is a required part of life and, especially, in the art business where it’s highly competitive.

    Do the work.

    Lose the brick.

  • On Fame

    If you play your cards right, the publishing business can bring you notoriety and fame, whether big or small. For me, except for a brief period when I was starting out, fame wasn’t on the radar. Personally, I’d hate to be famous. I don’t mind my name being famous, but me, myself, and I? No thanks. Life in the all-day spotlight isn’t a want for this introvert. It’s nice to visit fame, like at shows, but when you’re done, you’re back to being Joe Schmoe on the street, which suits me just fine.

    It also begs the question: At what point does someone become famous in our digital age? I’m not sure if there’s an answer to that.