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  • Canister X Book Review #13: Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1 by Tim Gross

    Click Here to Order from Amazon.com
    Click Here to Order from Amazon.com
    Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1
    by Tim Gross
    5 out of 5

    This book is hardcore. It’s 99.9% horror movies start to finish, with a few of those “other” movies (read: non-horror) peppered throughout.

    Tim Gross is a guy who loves horror and his love for the genre oozes on every page with every review. And there’s loads of ’em here. Tons. I mean, really, out of all of the movies he reviewed, I only maybe knew of, what, 40 of them? The rest were horror flicks ranging from the ’80s to the present, stuff made not just by the mainstream but all those cool underground movies as well. In other words, my DVD rent and shopping list just exploded.

    This book is dense and totally horror info-loaded.

    If you dig movies and want to hear somebody’s thoughts—and a genuine fan’s thoughts and not just a mainstream reviewer’s whose job it is to “review stuff”—then Gross Movie Reviews Vol. 1 is a must-have hands done.

    Grab a copy. You’ll have a blast.

  • Taking Notes Superhero Style

    DSCF3331As per my last post, the project right now is to reread The Axiom-man Saga thus far. It took a few days to get going, but now I’m in the midst of reading the first book. It’s strange reading it as just a reader versus going over it for edits. I admit that the editor side of my brain is looking at ways to tweak this or change that, but then I remember that I’m reading it for the joy of reading it and also to take notes, no other reason. A writer’s work is never done, it seems. The book was also written by a different guy some eight years ago. I was a different man back then with a different writing style.

    It is cool, however, to see the character in his infancy, to see him stumble along as he tries to figure out this whole superhero thing. At the time the story takes place, he’s only been at it four months, a time frame that isn’t long enough for someone to be truly adept at being a hero. It’s also neat considering I know where the story goes and is going, and I’m looking at Axiom-man thinking, Man, you have no idea of the scope of things ahead of you, how your universe and the reason for your existence is this huge thing and here you are still getting used to wearing a costume beneath your clothes.

    Like the picture shows, I’ve been taking notes, little things that I want to mention in the upcoming four-book arc or things simply for me to keep in mind while writing it. The main points I’m after are mythology-related and certain items that foreshadow where I’m ultimately leading everybody. I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out because the upcoming storyline is meant to wrap up everything that’s come before.

    After reading this first book, it’s onto First Night Out, which takes place between the “Four months earlier . . .” segments of Axiom-man and the novel’s main story.

    Like last entry, I’m asking for those who’ve read the series to come forward and write reviews. Reviews help spread the word and I’m hoping to grow The Axiom-man Saga in the coming year into something more prominent in the superhero fiction market.

    On a side note, I’m tabling at the Winnipeg Comic and Toy Expo this Sunday at the Viscount Gort Hotel in Winnipeg. Hope those in town can come out, say hi, and talk superheroes with me.

    Until next time . . .

  • Look, Up on the Screen! The Big Book of Superhero Movie Reviews

    Superheroes have invaded film more in the past decade and a half than they have in their entire history. From major blockbusters like Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy, to DC Entertainment’s line of fantastic direct-to-video animated films, to other super-flicks like The Incredibles, superheroes are enjoying a major resurgence in popular culture and fans have now entered a golden era of superhero cinema.

    Lifelong superhero fan and author A.P. Fuchs has made it his mission to see every superhero movie that’s been brought to screen. Collected here are his first one hundred reviews, covering the major blockbusters of today to the lesser-known super flicks of yesterday along with everything in between.

    Reviewing such classics as the original Christopher Reeve Superman films to the jaw-dropping Marvel Phase One series that include Iron Man 1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, to the movies that arguably started the current age of superhero cinema: The X-Men franchise, he’s got this amazing genre covered. Also included are a multitude of animated features, superhero movies that didn’t quite hit at the box office, pulp heroes and more.

    Look, Up on the Screen! is a collection of reviews for the serious superhero filmgoer from a diehard fan who’s seen nearly all of what the superhero motion picture field has to offer. Whether your theatre is at the cineplex or in your own home, this is one collection that’s a must-add to your bookshelf of behind-the-scenes goodies, movie guides, superhero film novelizations and graphic novels.

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