Canister X Book Review #13: Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1 by Tim Gross

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Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1
by Tim Gross
5 out of 5

This book is hardcore. It’s 99.9% horror movies start to finish, with a few of those “other” movies (read: non-horror) peppered throughout.

Tim Gross is a guy who loves horror and his love for the genre oozes on every page with every review. And there’s loads of ’em here. Tons. I mean, really, out of all of the movies he reviewed, I only maybe knew of, what, 40 of them? The rest were horror flicks ranging from the ’80s to the present, stuff made not just by the mainstream but all those cool underground movies as well. In other words, my DVD rent and shopping list just exploded.

This book is dense and totally horror info-loaded.

If you dig movies and want to hear somebody’s thoughts—and a genuine fan’s thoughts and not just a mainstream reviewer’s whose job it is to “review stuff”—then Gross Movie Reviews Vol. 1 is a must-have hands done.

Grab a copy. You’ll have a blast.