Underground Crusade (The Axiom-man Saga, Episode No. 2)

After exploring the city’s underground in order to get a better feel for the criminal fraternity, Gabriel—under the guise of “Mike”—meets a young woman—Katie—who is more than what she seems. What first starts out as a night of mere surveillance and intelligence-gathering soon forces Gabriel to re-examine his approach to crime fighting, discover his strengths and shortcomings, all while trying to keep up with Katie, who is bent on seeing through her own private crusade.

With danger lurking at every turn and Gabriel being forced to keep his identity—and abilities—as Axiom-man a secret, he soon discovers he isn’t the only one hiding something. There are other players at work in the city, those who would soon misuse a secret weapon for their own purposes.

As the clock ticks down and the violence escalates, Gabriel must try and recover the weapon while also keeping Katie safe.

If he can keep up with her, that is.

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