Giganti-gator Death Machine: Triple Feature

Giganti-gator Death Machine: Triple Feature

Be careful going in the water.

It lurks beneath the surface, thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh. It roams where it may and sometimes finds a feast to satisfy its need to kill.

Book I: What is supposed to be a fun weekend with friends quickly turns into a bloodbath when a massive alligator invades their fun.

Book II: In the once-quiet town of Cedarhaven, two giant alligators wreak havoc. Will anyone survive? It’s double trouble as two giant gators stalk the town and surrounding area.

Book III: It’s a triple threat when three gigantic alligators go on a rampage and brutally kill and destroy anything in their path. Are they unstoppable?

Come join the mayhem in three blood-filled novellas from cult writer A.P. Fuchs.

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