Self-publishing Articles

Looking to self-publish your book? Consider reading these first.

Articles on writing, drawing, freelancing, and self-publishing.

5 Books that have Influenced me as a Writer
Axiom-man Origin and Why I Write Superhero Fiction, The
Can You Just Start A Publishing Company?
Convention Basics: Five Tips to Make Your Book Stand Out
Daily Schedule of a Writer/Artist, The
Entertainment isn’t an Escape
Meaning Behind Canister X, The
Most Overlooked Step of Self-publishing, The – or – The Three Types of Writers
My Patreon Index: What You Can Expect as my Patron
My Writing Process – Don’t Really Have One
Publishing Isn’t Free
Redsaw Origin and How I Write Supervillains, The
Reflections on Patreon after a Month on the Platform
Reflections on Working as a Full Time Writer
Reinventing the Horde: Problems in Zombie Fiction
Stay Focused Social Media Blocking App and Timex TW5M23300 Watch
Take Up Your Pen Daily and Follow Me
Top Ten List of Truths for Self-publishers Part One
Top Ten List of Truths for Self-publishers Part Two
Toughest Part About Being a Writer/Artist, The
Why I Quit the Publishing Industry and Opted to Just Make Books Instead
Why the Standard “Author Platform” Doesn’t Work
Why You Need a Newsletter
Why You Should Self-publish Part One
Why You Should Self-publish Part Two
Why You Should Stop Selling Your Book (and Do Something Better)

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