The Daily Schedule of a Writer/Artist 2

Since recovering from being ill–and I’m still recovering–here’s what my current daily schedule looks like:

Wake up and pet the dogs. I’m usually up before everybody else.

Post my daily Good Morning post on Facebook and give the day’s positivity rating. The rating is given based on how I feel at that exact moment.

Make coffee.

Have a small bite to eat.

Have coffee and surf the feeds and check email, taking note of which ones I need to respond to later.

By now Melinda is up so I have more coffee and spend time with her before she has to go to work.

Work on the current project. As of this writing, it’s proofing the galley for the reissue of REDEMPTION OF THE DEAD.


Non-committal work. By this I mean work I can do and get done but not share with anybody yet (i.e. a blog post, the newsletter, YouTube video, etc.).


Work on the current project.


Review and share the non-committal work

Personal tasks (i.e. personal correspondence, bills, etc.).



I may or may not call it a day at this point. Depends what time it is. Melinda gets off work at 4:30 and then it’s time to get ready for supper.

Evening walk with Melinda and then a quick walk with the dogs.

Chill out time.


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