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  • The Canister X Transmission: Year Four

    The Canister X Transmission: Year Four DriveThru

    Begin transmission . . .

    Running weekly from May 2017 to April 2018, The Canister X Transmission was sent via email to readers worldwide.

    Instead of writing letters with a fixed set of topics, A.P. Fuchs simply wrote letters to his readers every week, covering topics like the Frozen Storm Kickstarter, self-publishing, work plans, opinions on publishing, depression, freezing winters, and more.

    The Canister X Transmission: Year Four was about connecting with readers through the simple act of writing a letter and the meaning that entails, so sit back, have a coffee, and connect with writer A.P. Fuchs as he brings you into his world of life as a working writer.

    Exclusive to this collection is a special Issue One Hundred-fifty- seven A newsletter unavailable anywhere else.

    Welcome to The Canister X Transmission: Year Four.

    Available as a paperback at:

    Amazon (US)
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    Amazon (UK)
    Barnes and Noble

    Available as an eBook at:

    Amazon Kindle (US)
    Amazon Kindle (CAN)
    DriveThru Fiction

  • Batman Batmobile Hotwheels Shorts and Reels No. 7

    Batman Batmobile Hotwheels Shorts and Reels No. 7

    HotWheels Logo

    Though I’ve expanded my hotwheels passion to other types of cars (namely muscle ones), below are some more shorts and reels showcasing the various batmobiles in my hotwheels collection. I especially dig the chrome one.

    Hotwheels Dark Appearance Batmobile CollectionBuy at Amazon
    Hotwheeels The Batman Chrome BatmobileBuy at Amazon
    Hotwheels Red Arkham Knight BatmobileBuy at Amazon

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    As per usual, if you have collector video suggestions, you can contact me here.

  • The Great Patreon Dilemma

    The Great Patreon Dilemma

    Patreon Logo

    As you know, I once had a Patreon page. With it, I’d air articles and essays, behind-the-scenes stuff, serialized novels, and exclusive stuff for my patrons. The problem was, for the amount of work I was putting in, it didn’t do well monetarily, so I shut it down as I was basically making a buck an hour working on it.

    However, and in a bit of a dilemma, I’m thinking of bringing my Patreon page back but under a new, simpler model.

    It would basically be this to start and, no doubt, would evolve over time.

    Two tiers:

    1) A mere tip jar for a buck. Just a simple way of saying thanks for all the content.

    2) 5 bucks flat fee per month. This would get you everything I share publicly plus content just for patrons, like a serialized novel, one to be read before anybody else.

    That’s it. The content would be regular as I’m producing stuff all the time, but by sharing it behind a Patreon paywall, then I get something out of it too, and also have an avenue to share stuff I don’t share with the general public. This could be special videos, special commentary, special thoughts, excerpts of my work, and more.

    I still have my page but it’s inactive at the moment. I just need to flick the switch and under this new model, folks would have a chance to check out all the back-content plus the new stuff to come.

    It’s not a question of if this will happen. It’s a question of when.

    My only fear is it’ll flop again. But maybe not. I do know I can make it work. Just need to give it some time to grow.

    We’ll see.

  • The Canister X Transmission: Good to be Back

    The Canister X Transmission thumbnail

    It’s been two issues since THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION went on a temporary hiatus . . . for a long time. It was needed. Not so much a break from the newsletter itself, but a break from the writing world in general. But now I’m back and am feeding you words every day. Videos, too, but those are fun.

    THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: YEAR FOUR and THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: THE LONG YEAR FIVE are at the printer’s and distribution is already underway. Since it’s not fully underway, I haven’t officially launched the books, but I will. Soon.

    People might wonder, “Why should I buy these collections, even a cheap eBook, when I get them in my inbox every Saturday?” Good question and a fair one. My answer is two: 1) You get a bonus issue in each collection, one not available anywhere else so if you enjoy the newsletter, it’s something extra for you. 2) It’s a way to show support for free content. Three bucks for the eBook where all issues are in one place and you don’t need an internet connection to read them. Sort of a way of putting a few bucks in a busker’s guitar case, if you want to look at it that way.

    Anyway, more issues to come. More content to come. More [hopefully] amusing items to read.

    Besides, you get my killer clown novelette free as a thank you for subscribing. Funnily enough, the same question about the collected editions of the newsletter can be asked for THE DANCE OF MERVO AND FATHER CLOWN. But my answer is the same: Supporting free content and supporting the creator who made it for you.

    But enough about sales. It feels good to be writing THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION again. It’s sort of a way to air out my head plus also introduce you to stuff that you might’ve missed during the week. You can read over two hundred back issues for free here.

    Speaking of which, I don’t post every video I make to my blog. Lots of shorts and reels go out during the week so to ensure you get them, head on over to YouTube or TikTok and follow along. This way you won’t miss anything video-related.

    Crap. I did it again, didn’t I? Just pitched you on something. Bad habit.

    ZOMTROPOLIS: A RECORD OF LIFE IN A DEAD CITY is about to enter the editing stage so I can make my end-of-October deadline for release. I’ve been through the book a few times already, just not the new stuff I wrote to complete it. It will be an easy edit for both myself and my editor. Then it goes into production and the cover is made and ta da! Book.

    Hope you check it o