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  • The Great Patreon Dilemma

    The Great Patreon Dilemma

    Patreon Logo

    As you know, I once had a Patreon page. With it, I’d air articles and essays, behind-the-scenes stuff, serialized novels, and exclusive stuff for my patrons. The problem was, for the amount of work I was putting in, it didn’t do well monetarily, so I shut it down as I was basically making a buck an hour working on it.

    However, and in a bit of a dilemma, I’m thinking of bringing my Patreon page back but under a new, simpler model.

    It would basically be this to start and, no doubt, would evolve over time.

    Two tiers:

    1) A mere tip jar for a buck. Just a simple way of saying thanks for all the content.

    2) 5 bucks flat fee per month. This would get you everything I share publicly plus content just for patrons, like a serialized novel, one to be read before anybody else.

    That’s it. The content would be regular as I’m producing stuff all the time, but by sharing it behind a Patreon paywall, then I get something out of it too, and also have an avenue to share stuff I don’t share with the general public. This could be special videos, special commentary, special thoughts, excerpts of my work, and more.

    I still have my page but it’s inactive at the moment. I just need to flick the switch and under this new model, folks would have a chance to check out all the back-content plus the new stuff to come.

    It’s not a question of if this will happen. It’s a question of when.

    My only fear is it’ll flop again. But maybe not. I do know I can make it work. Just need to give it some time to grow.

    We’ll see.

  • Status Report – 091823


    Status Report – 091823:

    It’s official. It’s done. As per this blog entry, ZOMTROPOLIS: A RECORD OF LIFE IN A DEAD CITY is complete. See the entry for the next steps in the process.

    Also what’s done is THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: YEAR FOUR and THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: THE LONG YEAR FIVE. Those went off to press late last week. Now it’s just an issue of the printer processing the files, sending me a proof, me approving it then getting it into distribution. Like the other collected editions, they will be available in paperback and eBook and contain a bonus issue of the newsletter exclusive to those collections.

    We’re programmed until the end of November thus far in terms of Book Spotlight Videos and the REALM OF HEROES AND MONSTERS: STORY TIME podcast. Other stuff is complete behind the scenes but not uploaded yet.

    For those who missed it, THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION newsletter is back. The new issue went out this past Saturday. Subscribe here for this Saturday’s issue.

    Other than that, I’m pleased that I finally was able to share the FREDRIKUS animated short with you. I’ve been wanting to for the past couple of years but needed the adapter to connect my very old VCR to my also-old computer. I finally got one and the video was shared. There was some additional brief animation on the reel as well along with a few pieces of artwork. I’m not sure if I’ll upload it or not. I’ll have to think of a way to make it longer because the segments of animation and the few pics last all of twenty seconds. But they’re cool pics. Three-point perspective, some modern, some sci-fi.

    We’ll see.

    Anyway, I’m pretty tired and I still have work to do.

    A.P. Fuchs signing off.


    This has been your Status Report for 091823.

  • Content Schedule 2023

    Content Schedule 2023


    As you might have noticed, I’ve been pouring a lot of energy back into creating on-line content.

    For a while, I couldn’t. Too many life changes and ups and downs. But now things have settled somewhat so I’m able to do things writing- and publishing-wise again.

    Here is the current weekly content schedule that’s planned for the remainder of 2023:

    MondayYouTube video
    Tuesday – Misc. blog post
    Wednesday – Misc. blog post
    Thursday – Misc. blog post
    FridayBook Spotlight Video

    And, of course, throughout the week there will be a few shorts and reels via YouTube and TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

    And what of the ads on the site, Fuchs? Aren’t they a little instrusive? Yes, they sometimes can be and I’m still figuring out proper ad placement so it doesn’t interfere with your site experience. However, these ads are how this site and FREDRIKUS‘s gets paid for. The entertainment machine isn’t free and is, frankly, quite costly. A great help would be if you took a microsecond and clicked an ad or two on your way to your next on-line destination as a way of “leaving a tip.” There’s also the PayPal button for donations in whatever amount you want.

    But the biggest thing you can do for me is subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’m really trying to grow it and your subscription goes a long way in helping with that so thanks in advance.

    As for 2024’s content schedule, I don’t know just yet. Right now I’m focusing on finishing the year off strong. I’m sure a 2024 announcement will come along at some point.

    Thank you for hanging out at my website this week. Much appreciated.