The Canister X Transmission: Year One

Begin transmission . . .

Running weekly from May 2014 to May 2015, The Canister X Transmission was sent via email to readers worldwide.

Serving as a source of inspiration for writers and artists everywhere, its impact was made known by the replies sent to A.P. Fuchs’s inbox week-to-week.

The newsletter covered four main topics:

The Creative Thought of the Week, in which Fuchs added his two cents on the ups and downs of being a writer, staying motivated, advice and encouragement, and other topics that were part and parcel of making up stories for a living.

Work Updates, in which readers were informed of works-in-progress and where what stood on the publishing schedule.

Fanboy News, in which was relayed something of interest from the world of pop culture.

Marketing/Publishing Tip of the Week, in which ideas and strategies were conveyed to further one’s reach with their books and comics, and were also advised of some of the traps to avoid.

Exclusive to this collection is a special Issue Zero newsletter unavailable anywhere else.

Welcome to The Canister X Transmission: Year One

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