The Canister X Transmission: Year Two

Begin transmission . . .

Running weekly from May 2015 to April 2016, The Canister X Transmission was sent via email to readers worldwide.

Every week, readers received updates from the desk of A.P. Fuchs that served as a behind-the-scenes gateway into his views on the publishing industry and past work.

The newsletter covered four main topics:

Writing/Creating/Publishing, in which Fuchs shared his views on writing and creating as well as tips to help other writers and artists along their journey.

Project Analysis, where A.P. discussed his extensive backlist and what went into each project.

Creator Spotlight, where a variety of writers and artists were given the spotlight as well as their professional and personal impact on Fuchs and his work.

Weekly Ramble, in which whatever happened to be a point of interest that week became the topic of discussion.

Exclusive to this collection is a special Issue Fifty-three A newsletter unavailable anywhere else.

Welcome to The Canister X Transmission: Year Two

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