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  • The Canister X Transmission: Good to be Back

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    It’s been two issues since THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION went on a temporary hiatus . . . for a long time. It was needed. Not so much a break from the newsletter itself, but a break from the writing world in general. But now I’m back and am feeding you words every day. Videos, too, but those are fun.

    THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: YEAR FOUR and THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION: THE LONG YEAR FIVE are at the printer’s and distribution is already underway. Since it’s not fully underway, I haven’t officially launched the books, but I will. Soon.

    People might wonder, “Why should I buy these collections, even a cheap eBook, when I get them in my inbox every Saturday?” Good question and a fair one. My answer is two: 1) You get a bonus issue in each collection, one not available anywhere else so if you enjoy the newsletter, it’s something extra for you. 2) It’s a way to show support for free content. Three bucks for the eBook where all issues are in one place and you don’t need an internet connection to read them. Sort of a way of putting a few bucks in a busker’s guitar case, if you want to look at it that way.

    Anyway, more issues to come. More content to come. More [hopefully] amusing items to read.

    Besides, you get my killer clown novelette free as a thank you for subscribing. Funnily enough, the same question about the collected editions of the newsletter can be asked for THE DANCE OF MERVO AND FATHER CLOWN. But my answer is the same: Supporting free content and supporting the creator who made it for you.

    But enough about sales. It feels good to be writing THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION again. It’s sort of a way to air out my head plus also introduce you to stuff that you might’ve missed during the week. You can read over two hundred back issues for free here.

    Speaking of which, I don’t post every video I make to my blog. Lots of shorts and reels go out during the week so to ensure you get them, head on over to YouTube or TikTok and follow along. This way you won’t miss anything video-related.

    Crap. I did it again, didn’t I? Just pitched you on something. Bad habit.

    ZOMTROPOLIS: A RECORD OF LIFE IN A DEAD CITY is about to enter the editing stage so I can make my end-of-October deadline for release. I’ve been through the book a few times already, just not the new stuff I wrote to complete it. It will be an easy edit for both myself and my editor. Then it goes into production and the cover is made and ta da! Book.

    Hope you check it out once it’s released. I’ll be making a big stink about it so you’ll probably hear about it somehow.

    Anyway, time to get back to work.

    Enjoy your day.

    One step at a time.

  • The Canister X Transmission is Returning

    The Canister X Transmission Years One and Two
    The Collected Editions of The Canister X Transmission Years One and Two

    It’s been since October 2022 since the last issue went out. That’s a long time and a lot has happened in the interim. A big part of things are some lifestyle changes I’ve been making that’s been sucking up most of my time. Now I’ve learned to manage that time better thus enabling me to get back into newsletter writing.

    If you’re a previous subscriber to THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION, thank you, please stay on board as your regular Saturday newsletter from me is coming back to your inbox.

    If you haven’t yet subscribed, please do so. It’s free, it’s content, it’s entertaining and informative, plus you also get a free creepy novelette as a thank you for subscribing.

    Don’t delay. Get your email ready.

    Subcribe here and I’ll see you soon.



  • Newsletter Invite

    If you’re already a subscriber to my weekly newsletter, THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION, thank you. If you keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them.

    If you’re not a subscriber, why not head over to TinyLetter via the subscribe link to the right (on PC) or to this link right here on mobile and get a free weekly newsletter in your inbox each Saturday? You’ll also get a free thriller e-novelette called THE DANCE OF MERVO AND FATHER CLOWN as a thank you for subscribing.

    See you this Saturday.

  • News

    And now . . . some news:

    I have confirmation that author Melinda Marshall and I will be tabling at the following shows –

    FanQuest – November 12 & 13, 2022 – Norwood Community Centre (Winnipeg)

    Winnipeg Comiccon – October 28 to 30, 2022 – RBC Convention Centre (Winnipeg)

    I do not charge for pictures or autographs.

    As well, I’m firing my newsletter back up. It’s called THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION and you can subscribe and get a free e-novelette by going here. New issue is written and will go out Saturday.

  • Newsletter Delay; The Canister X Transmission Issue 252

    Just a note to inform you there is a newsletter delay this week due to TinyLetter’s site glitching. Until it’s resolved, I am unable to send out the most recent issue so I’ve blogged it here in the interim and will send it out proper once I am able to, which might mean this week you’ll be getting two editions of The Canister X Transmission close together. If the problem persists due to possible staffing shortages on their end, then we’ll just air the newsletter here until things get back to normal.

    There’s a first time for everything.

    Here is the latest edition. It is dated yesterday.


    Issue Two Hundred-fifty-two – April 18, 2020

    Hello and welcome to the 252nd issue of THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION, a weekly newsletter from a schlub up north who offers you strange ramblings every week.

    How is everyone?

    It has been a busy week. Lots of tasks. Lots of work. Lots of prep. Lots of thinking. Lots of stress. Lots of accomplishment. Lots of, well, lots.

    And here we are.

    Oh, and I made bread.

    Work log:

    PROJECT JACKASS (title reveal below); uploaded a sneak peek to the Behind-the-Scenes tier on Patreon showcasing one of the opening pages of PROJECT JACKASS in full color (link below); shot and uploaded a new video to YouTube, which announces PROJECT JACKASS’s real title and quickly takes a glimpse at the artwork and offers a brief premise (link below); blogging; and administration.

    Quick note regarding this newsletter: Issue 260 is the final issue of The Long Year Five. We will do something special at that time. As always, the invite is there if you want to see something particular in that double issue. Just shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

    In blog headline news—and once information known only to my patrons on Patreon—the title of PROJECT JACKASS was revealed! PROJECT JACKASS was a place-holder name for an upcoming webcomic from me called FREDRIKUS, which is about an anthropomorphic dog in a dystopic sc-fi world. Phew. Now I can finally refer to it as an actual thing and not some project document (which is actually a combination of multiple documents including a notebook for the stories).

    Blog headlines:

    Various Bits from the Net – 041220

    Status Report – 041420

    Project Jackass Title Revealed: Fredrikus

    Fredrikus Social Media

    New Fredrikus Behind-the-Scenes Post on Patreon!

    On Art and Never Arriving

    Fredrikus Webcomic Announcement

    Status Report – 041720

    As you can see from the above headline, you are invited to like and follow FREDRIKUS on social media so you can be notified when the strip airs. Please do so. More details about the webcomic to be revealed in due time. Watch the blog to stay current. I will admit, it’s high time new things started to roll out from me and warming up the machine for FREDRIKUS is part of that journey.

    I’m thinking that the next thing to roll out from me is the Inktober 2019 sketchbook I mentioned in a previous issue. PROJECT REBUILD is taking some time due to elements beyond my control and I don’t want to leave you hanging.

    Side note: As much as my blog has been retooled on the back end, sometimes the theme acts up and reverts to black text on white rather than white text on black. If you come across this, don’t worry. I’m still troubleshooting the issue with the hope of taking care of it once and for all in the near future. Just check the blog as per usual and you’ll be fine.

    We’re also gearing up for the new serial novel to air on Patreon because GIGANTIGATOR DEATH MACHINE is almost complete. Watch the blog for the announcement and be sure to get in on the ground floor by becoming a patron today for just a buck. The entirety of GIGANTIGATOR DEATH MACHINE will remain on the site so come time for the new serial novel, you’ll have two novels to read for the price of one. Awesome deal. Please take advantage (it also helps keep me fed). Link below to subscribe to what is essentially the Netflix of literary entertainment from a book and comic guy like me. Thank you in advance for your support.

    Also going on, but not worked on this week, is PROJECT COBALT. This is a big one and an important one, and a lot of thought, trial and error, and work has already been put into it. I’m suspecting a latter 2020 rollout, but keep that fluid for the moment. The world is in upheaval on multiple levels and things are in constant flux as we combat this invisible enemy (amongst other things). But yeah, PROJECT COBALT, man. Onward.

    For a good while I’ve had the marketing materials for a YouTube subscription drive, but we’re not quite there yet in terms of the channel’s relationship to other things. However, I’m a firm believer in groundwork and foundation and I’d like you to be a part of all that’s planned for the channel plus what’s already there. Please use the link below and subscribe. Your subscription will eventually lead to me monetizing the channel, which in turn will fund more comics and books and the stuff I put online for free. But it all takes time and time, in order to do this job full time, requires money. The subscription costs you nothing other than 5 seconds—which I recognize is your valuable time hence why I try and create interesting content in the vein of Heroes and Monsters—and will go a long way toward keeping the media machine running. Thank you in advance again for your support.

    With Year Six of this newsletter fast approaching, I’m getting eager to see how the new format will work, how it will flow, and, ultimately, what it will do for you as my reader. I hope you enjoy the new format in 8 issues.

    In other newsletter news, Year Four was obviously completed a long time ago but was never published. It is still the plan to release it along with The Long Year Five. Also soon, my how-to book, GETTING DOWN AND DIGITAL: HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, will be going out of print. Please grab your copy now. The principles and methods apply to both books and comics. It is also ideal for creators on a budget who are unable to afford fancy formatting programs. It walks you through formatting in MSWord for both print and electronic editions in a tried-and-tested procedure that is quite simple to follow.

    We’re also noodling with the social media broadcaster for FREDRIKUS because I’ve never run a broadcaster for anyone but myself and since good ol’ Fred can’t work the thing himself due to his paws, I’m stuck with the job. Hopefully it all works out. Speaking of which, the broadcaster has run out of broadcasts from that time I loaded ’er up good so that will have to be addressed in the coming week or two as well, but I’m toying with some new ideas. Not that the old ones were bad, but as it is with this game, doesn’t hurt to try new things.

    Okay, I think the above about covers it for this week. Lots of commercials, I know, but we’re at that stage in the grand plan.

    Rollout soon.

    We’re finally getting there. Isn’t that a thing?

    Take care of yourselves and each other. In the end, it’s on us about how we treat people.

    Have a good weekend. Make bread. Send me some.

    – A.P. Fuchs

    All the New Things, MB

    As usual:

    Patreon – Where I post an ongoing serial novel, essays on the creative life, behind-the-scenes secrets, and general jackassery.

    Canister X – Whe