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  • Patreon Future?

    I started a Patreon a few years back and stuck with it for quite some time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t financially viable and I had to shut it down. (Too much work for not enough return.) But I’ve been thinking of reviving it in the distant future, the idea being there’s one flat monthly fee and you’ll receive content Monday to Friday. Could be an essay or article, a short story or piece of flash fiction, comics, behind the scenes, a blog post–pretty much anything of interest to the Realm of Heroes and Monsters.

    I’ve yet to come up with a business plan for it but this is an idea I’ve had noodling around in my head for quite some time. Hopefully there would be enough interest in the endeavor to make it worth our time together.

    We’ll see what the future holds.


  • Patreon Page is Now Closed

    Today, I unpublished my Patreon page.

    This was the note I sent to my patrons not long ago indicating this and I’m posting it here for archival purposes. The Patreon page is now closed and so is access to the content.

    The note:

    Dear Patrons,

    After this Thursday, I will have fulfilled my Patreon tier fulfillment for this month, which means as of August 1, no new content will be added.

    I have also decided to use Patreon’s feature of unlaunching a creator’s page. According to Patreon, this will suspend renewal payments and access to my creator page. However, the good news is if at some point in the future I want to have a Patreon page again, I can relaunch the page.

    I plan on unlaunching the creator page on July 31.

    Feel free to leave questions or comments in the thread below.

    Thank you so much again for your patronage.


    A.P. Fuchs


  • Important Notice: Patreon Page Close-down

    Just now I posted a message to my patrons regarding the closing down of my Patreon page. I am re-posting it here as part of due diligence to get the word out.

    The notice:

    Dear Patrons,

    After careful thought and consideration, I have decided to discontinue this Patreon page. It’s been running for about a year and I’ve been unable to take it to the level I need it to be to be sustainable.

    Thank you for your patronage over the past many months. I hope I was able to entertain you for that time.

    Now it’s time for me to step back, have a break, and even pursue other things.

    I will fulfill my end of tier fulfillment until the end of July, but as of August 1, no new content will be added.

    As for the content presently on the page, I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it up for archival purposes or just close the account altogether.

    Please take the time to mind your patronage renewal for this change as I want to be fair to everyone.

    Thank you again for being my patron. Your support was always—and still is—sincerely appreciated.

    Wishing you the best,

    A.P. Fuchs


  • The One Marketing Trick Hiding in Plain Sight

    A.P. Fuchs Patreon Logo

    The One Marketing Trick Hiding in Plain Sight:

    In this Patreon article, I reveal the one marketing trick that is hiding in plain sight. I don’t see many creators doing it, but it’s one definitely worth adding to your arsenal.

    To read this article–plus the essays archives–subscribe to the Essays tier on my Patreon page. For just two bucks a month, you get a serial novel and essays or articles on the creative life, including tips and tricks to help make creators’ lives easier.

    Please go here to subscribe, and thank you in advance for your support.

    And, of course, please drop me a note any time with questions or comments.


  • On One Thing at a Time

    In our effort to Slow Down to Speed Up, we’ve been adjusting our workflow to One Thing at a Time. Yes, we have several irons in the fire at any given moment, but in terms of dedicated approach, we are working on one thing at a time throughout the day, sometimes for the whole day depending on what it is.


    Today’s main task was proofing the second part of my two-part article series for Patreon on what to do if you feel your career in the arts isn’t doing well and then uploading it. This is complete and can be accessed here.

    The next task was to promote it online (also done). Now we do this blog entry before moving on to something else.

    However, the day had a priority task–the article–thus the One Thing at a Time approach.

    Due to world events, I’ve had to adjust my workflow and for right now, One Thing at a Time is the best thing for how I conduct my day.


  • New Serial Novel Now Airing on Patreon! Zomtropolis!

    zomtropolis blog header

    Gigantigator Death Machine has wrapped on Patreon and today we launched the new serial novel, Zomtropolis.

    It follows the story of a guy all alone in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. Done in a diary/journal/blog post style, Zomtropolis takes you to the heart of a once-bustling-now-dead metropolis with all the blood, guts, gore, and heart underground writer A.P. Fuchs is known for.

    If you like intense fiction and the undead, this is a tale you won’t want to miss!

    You can start reading Zomtropolis for just a buck by going here. The archives of Gigantigator Death Machine are still on Patreon so that’s two novels for a dollar a month. Sweet.

    A public thank you to those who supported Gigantigator Death Machine during its original run on Patreon. It is appreciated and gratefully valued.

    And, of course, my door is open for any questions.

    See you there.


  • Fredrikus the Webcomic is Released!

    Fredrikus 1 webcomic cover release

    At long last, Fredrikus the webcomic is released into the world!

    Debuting today is the cover to the first issue and the opening page, which you can read on-line for free by going here. (Refresh your browser if you’ve visited before.)

    Also released are the Fredrikus tiers on Patreon, which I talked about here.

    Both platforms treat you to the comic on a weekly schedule. (The Patreon version, which includes bonus material, airs Thursdays; the regular version airs Fridays).

    Follow the story of an anthropomorphic dog in a dystopian sci-fi world. Find out his quirks. Learn about his work. Read about his life.

    Go check Fredrikus out!

    See you in tomorrow’s newsletter.


  • New Fredrikus Tiers on Patreon!

    Fredrikus Patreon Tier

    This morning, I set up new Fredrikus tiers on Patreon and uploaded the cover and opening page to the comic both to the public Fredrikus site and to Patreon (where you get to read the comic a day early and get access to bonus material only available to patrons and the published editions). Patreon’s airing of the strip is every Thursday; general public version of the strip airs every Friday.

    The new tier levels are two and they are broken down below:

    Serial Webcomics

    For $1, you get access to the FREDRIKUS comic strip and its bonus material (bonus material exclusive to Patreon and the published editions). Updates weekly (Thursdays) and you get it a day before the general public.

    Regular Patreon-only blog posts, which include video.

    Serial Comics, Novels, and Essays

    For $3, you get complete access to the FREDRIKUS comic strip and its bonus material (bonus material exclusive to Patreon and the published editions). Updates weekly (Thursdays) and you get it a day before the general public.

    Both serial novels.

    Patreon-only essay blog posts.

    Regular Patreon-only blog posts, which include video.

    That’s quite a lot of content for a very good deal so please consider joining my Patreon journey and be treated to ongoing stories and patron-only material on a regular basis.

    Thank you in advance for your support of these new Fredrikus Patreon tiers. Hope you guys dig the comic when it debuts along with the new serial novel, which starts airing next week! (Announcement soon.)

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  • New Patreon Behind the Scenes Post: Fredrikus Sneak Peek

    Fredrikus Patreon Behind the Scenes tier

    Just uploaded a penciled and inked page of Fredrikus to the Behind the Scenes tier on Patreon.

    By becoming a patron, you get access to looks at projects before anyone else and in a way that is typically not shown via my other online channels. The Behind the Scenes tier also gets you access to the serial novel, essays on the creative life (along with helpful tips), and, soon, the special version of the upcoming Fredrikus webcomic, which contains bonus material that won’t be available elsewhere online. Oh, and you also get a nifty Official Canister X membership card only available at this tier level and up.

    See you there!