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  • New FREDRIKUS Episode

    New FREDRIKUS Episode

    Read Fredrikus Title Red

    Fredrikus has returned–at least for one episode–in his four-color glory for your reading pleasure. At the time I wrote this strip, I was in a corny mood so, heads up, it’s a corny one but you might get a chuckle.

    Readers of FREDRIKUS know I flip-flop between sarcastic drama and joke strips. This one’s a joke strip.

    Anyway, stopping listening the man writing you and go see what happens when an anthropomorphic dog takes on a lobster. (You can also click on the graphic above to check out the strip. Don’t forget to click an ad after reading and support the ol’ dog.)


    PS. To start at the beginning of the comic, please go here.

  • FREDRIKUS: The Webcomic Promo

    Read Fredrikus

    I was playing around in Canva and made this mini promo for the FREDRIKUS webcomic. Canva said the thing is clickable but I’m not so sure. Give it a try. Can’t hurt.

    FREDRIKUS: The Webcomic Promo

    Thank you for watching.

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  • Fred the Dog in Once Upon a Weiner (2000 VHS Animation Demo Reel)

    Fred the Dog in Once Upon a Weiner

    Fredrikus Cartoon title card thumbnail

    Here it is, the cartoon that started it all. Made in 2000, each frame was drawn, inked, and colored by yours truly. This is 2D animation the old-fashioned way. No computer assistance outside of the coloring, staging the frames, and the sound. Everything else was good ol’ pencil, ink, and paper.

    This is the dog that inspired my webcomic, FREDRIKUS. Of course, in the webcomic, he’s middle-aged compared to this reel where he’s still a young guy doing something stupid.

    It was real cool and real fun to watch this reel after 20 years. Yes, it’s pixelated. Was originally formatted for VHS and the tape’s been sitting around gathering dust for a couple decades. I don’t know how much wear that puts on the tape itself (degrading over time), but I’m still glad I got to salvage this cartoon and share it with you.

    Hope you like it! Enjoy!

    Fred the Dog in Once Upon a Weiner (2000 VHS Animation Demo Reel)

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  • Status Report – 083123

    status report 083123

    Status Report – 083123:

    Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. The last one was this entry.

    Lots of web work being done these days. During my hiatus, my sites, my social networks, my books–everything got left behind and now, behind the scenes, needs some sprucing up. Most of it is metadata work and I’ve also been spending some of my time picking at a secret fun project that I hope to reveal soon. In fact, though I haven’t officially announced it, there is a link to it on this site.

    Can you find it?

    So, yeah, throw in the day job and I’ve been pulling 12-hour days since August 8th. Worth it though. Needs to be done for a variety of reasons.

    YouTube is my big thing right now. Lots of content going up, mostly on a daily basis. Shorts and reels, long videos and podcasts. Plenty going on at the REALM OF HEROES AND MONSTERS on YouTube.

    I hope to do more interviews this fall and into next year. I had a blast on Travis Bruce’s YouTube channel, which you can watch here. (And be sure to subscribe to both our channels. It’s Nerd City!)

    On a serious note, I’ve been getting my thoughts together on doing a in-depth vLog on anxiety. It’ll be for adults only as I don’t want a kid (or even teen) stumbling across it because it will tell the hard truth about anxiety and its various treatments and I don’t want that info entering ears that might not be ready for it. In other words, I don’t want to scare a young person. But anxiety occurs at various degrees so some might not find it frightening, but others might, depending where they’re at. Even some adults might get triggered so I’m gonna try and remember to announce a little disclaimer at the beginning to avoid that.

    Anyway, the vacation I took at the beginning of the month did me wonders. It was a good reset and recharge for getting back to real life. Bittersweet that it’s over; almost like a dream. I’m hoping for a break at Christmas so we’ll see what happens.

    By now you’re probably sick of hotwheels videos. C’mon. It’s the batmobile. The coolest car around. Anyway, one more to air then I’m outta cars to show. Need to find one more so I can put together a third volume compilation of hotwheels shorts. Volume 2 is set to air Monday.

    Regarding FREDRIKUS, I have one more strip done. I thought it was colored but when I went to look into it, I learned that the page is done and scanned but that’s as far as it is. Next step is to enhance the scan so the blank ink is nice and sharp then color it. I think that’ll be a weekend task and then I’ll air it for you.

    Well, time to go. Work to be done.


    This has been your Status Report for 083123.

  • Fredrikus Update

    As you know, I’m neck-deep in book production. As of this writing, I’m proofing the galley for GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE: TRIPLE FEATURE and that’s taking up most of my time. However, I have been picking at an unaired FREDRIKUS episode and plan to share it once it’s done. When that may be, I don’t know.

    The comic will come back. I just need the time and headspace to finish making some books first.

    In the meantime, you can read the webcomic by going here.