Status Report – 042020

top of Fredrikus page 14

Status Report – 042020:

Today we’re trying to do things with 20/20 vision given the date, which may or may not be obtained due to a nagging health slip that is being tended to but takes time to recover from. Regardless, we’re still working and still trucking along. As you can see from the photo, we’re about to start Page 14 of Fredrikus, or Episode 12.

Not long from now, the penciled and inked pages will go into the computer for final design, color, and formatting. Then they’ll be ready for the Fredrikus website.

Thus far, we are on track for my estimated launch date, which I will mention once I have enough penciled and inked pages for the computer. So soon.

Today, we’re making comics and tending to some personal stuff (one of those double-booked days).

We’re also hoping that the newsletter broadcaster is back up and running so I can send out the edition that was supposed to go out over the weekend.

I think that will be the day. Yesterday was a trying one and I’m learning that two packed days in a row are bad for me.

This has been your Status Report for 042020.


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