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  • Slowing Down to Speed Up: Blogging Schedule Shift

    Slowing Down to Speed Up

    Slowing Down to Speed Up: Blogging Schedule Shift.

    There is a lot on the go. Working at 1000mph has birthed all sorts of pathways and roads to travel down. Problem is, I only have one car.

    You get the parallel.

    This note is to inform you my new working method is based on the concept of slowing down to speed up. This is healthy for you, healthy for me, and healthy for 2020’s goals and projects as a whole.

    So here is the new blogging schedule:


    Simply put, the blog is short-term switching over to me posting when I feel like it or have something to say or want to show you something. Knowing me, it’ll still be fairly regularly but not on the Monday-to-Friday-mornings schedule. Going to keep things fluid for the time being. Be sure to check in as part of your Internet rounds, but bear in mind I could be posting any time of day. New posts will also be shared via the social networks as per usual.

    We’re at a place with the workload where something relatively large needs to drop to Low Power Mode and the blog was selected.

    Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, The Canister X Transmission. Each issue has a blog headline rundown as to what posted during the week so it’s another simple way to be notified of new content. It goes out Saturdays.


  • My Patreon Index: What You Can Expect as my Patron

    Patreon Logo

    Patreon has been a lot of fun since the get-go. There was a learning curve–just like for all things–but we’ve settled into a groove. And while true there will be new tiers as the year goes on, the current tier structure of Serialized Novels, Essays, Behind the Scenes, and the Gold Standard is working out just fine.

    And I want you to be a part of the journey.

    Here are some index-like stats and summaries to let you know what’s presently on the page:

    Serialized Novels ($1 a month)

    Presently airing is Gigantigator Death Machine. The majority of the book is uploaded with a new chapter posting every two weeks. Lots already there for this story about a group of young adults wanting a simple beer-fest getaway with friends that quickly turns into a race for their lives against a giant, bloodthirsty alligator. This is pure creature feature B-horror with all the fun and guts B-horror is known for.

    Essays ($2 a month)

    This tier gives you access to the serial novel as well as essays focusing on the creative arts industry.

    The following essays are available for immediate reading:

    The Secret to Social Media Success Part 1
    The Secret to Social Media Success Part 2
    The Secret to Social Media Success Part 3
    How to Write Well Every Time: Proper Writing
    The Road Back: How to Create Again After a Hiatus
    Spontaneous Book or Comic Marketing
    How to Maintain a Blogging Schedule

    Behind the Scenes ($5 a month)

    This tier gives you access to the serial novel, the essays, and behind-the-scenes looks unavailable anywhere else. Plus, you also get a cool A.P. Fuchs/Canister X Official Membership Card with your name on it.

    Presently shared:

    Behind the Scenes – Studio Space 091319
    Behind the Scenes – Secret Project No. 3 092719
    Behind the Scenes – Web Interface 100419
    Behind the Scenes – Axiom-man/Auroraman Artwork 110119
    Behind the Scenes – New Studio Space 122419
    Behind the Scenes – Secret Project No. 3 Pages 012120

    Gold Standard ($30 a month)

    This tier gives you all the benefits of the previous tiers plus every month I will mail out to you a signed and, if you choose, personalized hardcopy book or comic from my bibliography to add to your collection. Comics come bagged and boarded.

    The books and comics that I’m drawing from are available for viewing in my Book and Comic Shop. Take a look to get an idea as to what to expect in your mailbox.

    Lastly, as regular content for all the tiers, not only do you receive whatever items from the tier you choose, I also post patron-only blog posts and reveals, video content, and messages for special occassions.

    Thank you. Hope you enjoyed this little rundown of what’s presently available on my Patreon page and, of course, more content will be added as February rolls along. Hope you join me and my other patrons for more intrigue, information, entertainment, and fun as we head further into 2020.

    Please join myself and my other patrons on Patreon by going here.

    For further reading, here is a blog post from about a month after being on the Patreon platform and my thoughts thereof.

    See you on Patreon!

  • Canister X Website-Blog Overhaul

    This is a quick note to say this website is going to be completely revamped. The current style and functionality are NOT how it’s going to be so please be patient with me as I fiddle with things and try things out over the next short while. Heck, feel free to check in periodically to see how things are coming along and join the adventure. Once everything is settled and in place, there will be a formal announcement. Until then, consider this revision period a work-in-progress. I will still maintain my regular blogging schedule of Monday to Friday in the meantime so you’ll always have fresh daily content throughout the week.

    Thank you for your patience as I get things in order over here.