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  • Canister X Website-Blog Overhaul

    This is a quick note to say this website is going to be completely revamped. The current style and functionality are NOT how it’s going to be so please be patient with me as I fiddle with things and try things out over the next short while. Heck, feel free to check in periodically to see how things are coming along and join the adventure. Once everything is settled and in place, there will be a formal announcement. Until then, consider this revision period a work-in-progress. I will still maintain my regular blogging schedule of Monday to Friday in the meantime so you’ll always have fresh daily content throughout the week.

    Thank you for your patience as I get things in order over here.

  • This is Today: Work Life

    Outside Tree and Gray Clouds October 4 2019

    Outside, fall has settled. The gray clouds are out. My kind of weather.

    This is a fitting picture of work life at the moment. Lots of work in progress (the leaves), with ominous gray clouds hanging overhead (projects yet to be done). It’s been a long time since I’ve had sixteen thousand things on the go. (Okay, not that many but you get the idea.)

    I’m thankful to be working again. I’m thankful to have enough on my plate to keep the creative machine going.

    I’m thankful I’m no longer in my own personal gray forest. Just a gray forest of work.

    Sounds good to me.