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  • Keeping Up-to-Date

    I realize this site has been awfully quiet over the past couple months. One reason is simply that I’ve been busy. The other reason is, thanks to my weekly newsletter, I don’t have much to post here as I put all my updates and whatnot in that.

    I’ve considered posting my newsletter here as well, but also think that if I do that, then no one would sign up for because they could simply get the info here on-site.

    Will have to mull this over more.

    Anyway, things are happening behind-the-scenes, but we’re still in work mode here so not much to report.

    Will have to come up with a plan for this site. It’s been through different incarnations over the years in terms of what and how I post.

    I preach updating your website at least once a week and yet here I am posting next to nil. That’s my task this week: thinking of a plan for this site. Again, because of the newsletter, that’s become my “info dump” as opposed to this webpage. I enjoy writing the newsletter and encourage you to sign up. Lots of goodies there.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  • Secret Projects Announcement! The Titles are . . .

    I’ve been talking a lot about “Secret Projects” in terms of what I’m working on. Awhile back I revealed the titles of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3 via my newsletter (a good reason to sign up for it, by the way: you get info early), but I haven’t revealed them publicly here.

    That said, I’d like to formally announce the names of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3.

    They are:


    Mechapocalypse 2

    Mechapocalypse 3

    They’re about, you guessed it, mech robots and mech war on an epic scale. Right now the title is one word though I might break it up into two prior to publication. Not sure yet. Regardless, it’s an exciting series with tons of action and I’m having a blast writing it. Book one is done, and I’m working on getting to the halfway mark of book two. I hope to have these finished and published in time for comic con in the fall. They will be released all in one shot. Will books 2 and 3 carry subtitles? Maybe. I’m also happy with just a simple numerical sequence for numbering the sequels. Something basic about that that I find charming.

    Can’t wait until these are all wrapped up, polished and published so I can share them with you. I know you’ll dig them.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.


  • Laying Low

    This site has been fairly quiet as of late. Part of it has to do with a change in personal schedule, the other part being I don’t have much to report on a platform like this blog right now. Lately, my on-line efforts/time has been spent on Twitter and in my weekly newsletter. Like my last post said, I’m having a great time writing a newsletter and am really enjoying its potential for communication with readers. It’s my current method of bringing my thoughts to the virtual page and sharing it with you guys. I suggest signing up for it–it’s free–as a means to a) keep in touch with me more regularly and, b) to receive information on things pertaining to the writing life, publishing stuff, life stuff and other stuff.

    Been also juggling multiple projects so am in kind of a working season where not much is going on publicly but with stuff happening beneath the surface. It’s been awhile since I’ve had so many irons in the fire, but as it is with these things, it takes time to complete each one. So, yeah, in work mode, in figuring-stuff-out mode, and am just plugging along.

    Been thinking about my publishing schedule for this year and how it might need to be changed to accommodate some other life changes that are happening. We’ll see how it all pans out, but, of course, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m going to be laying low for a while as I get things done because in the end it’s getting the work done that matters. However, I’ll still be active on Twitter and, as I’ve been pushing, in my newsletter.

    Like they say, watch this space.

  • Having Fun Writing a Newsletter

    I’m having a blast writing The Canister X Transmission. Just yesterday I sent out the seventh issue. It’s weekly and I’m having a ball. I think it’s the idea of publishing something new each and every week that appeals to me. Unlike blog entries, a newsletter is something that is “sent out” as opposed to just posted. Sure, some people get my blog posts via email, but a newsletter is meant to go out, be read, possibly even shared.

    I’d like to invite you now to sign up via the signup box on the right hand side of this site. It’s free. You can also visit the newsletter’s page at Tiny Letter to read back issues and see if it’s for you. I hope so. I try to make them interesting. They’re not terribly long either and only take a few minutes to read. I cover musings on the writing life, some fanboy and pop culture stuff, writing updates, and publishing and marketing tips.

    I also got a master file going in which I write out each newsletter first. The plan? Why, make a book out of them, of course. I’m thinking of doing it annually, so 52 newsletters per collection. Might even craft a bonus newsletter that you can only get in the book.

    Hope you sign up. It’s a fine method of communication and I’m having fun doing them. Likewise, if a particular issue speaks to you in some way, you can reply to it and let me know your thoughts.


    See you on the list.

  • Secret Project No. 1 is Complete!

    Yesterday I finished writing Secret Project No. 1. It came in at roughly 51,100 words, which is about 1,100 more than I estimated, which is fine. I think it was Sunday that I thought of the ending and Monday I was able to put it down.

    Taking today off writing-wise, though I did write the first draft synopsis for Secret Project No. 1 along with this Saturday’s newsletter. (It’s free to sign up for, by the way; just use the email box on the right of the screen.)

    I hope to reveal the title to Secret Project No. 1 in the near future, and by near future I mean between now and the end of June. Might even throw the titles to Secret Projects Nos. 2 and 3 in there, too. Stay tuned, as they say.

    But it feels good, takes some pressure off, and I’m able to gear up for Secret Project No. 2. Like the first one, you can watch my progress via the word-o-meter on the side of the screen. I can’t remember how long it took me to do the first one–maybe a month-ish–but Secret Projects Nos. 2 and 3 first drafts are due by the end of June. That’s 100,000 words minimum in 41 days. Totally doable as that averages 2,400 or so per day, every day. I know some days I’ll do more so I’ll be on track barring the world doesn’t end or something. July will be spent editing–both by myself and my editor–and I hope to release all three of these projects in August sometime.

    As for another hint as to what the story might be about, it involves mechanical things. Big ones and small ones.


  • New Newsletter: The Canister X Transmission

    Some of you may recall the old Canister X Newsletter, which ran a long time ago for five or six issues. It was published monthly and contained a pile of stuff that I didn’t include on my blog. I’ve always liked the idea of a newsletter and have been toying with the idea of starting a new one for quite sometime now.

    Well, that time has come.

    The plan is to send it out every Saturday. It’s called The Canister X Transmission, and will be a place to transmit my thoughts on what’s going on, musings on the creative life, fanboy randomness, with a publishing or marketing tip at the end. It’s good for writers and artists, but you don’t need to be one to sign up. If you enjoy peeks behind the curtain or just want to get stuff from me more regularly, this newsletter is for you. Yes, there’ll be the occasional promo thing–that’s just how these things are–but I’m not going to spam you with sales pitches. I just want a fun way to stay in touch with my readers and those interested in hearing more about making stuff up for a living.

    You can find the signup page here.

    First issue goes out this Saturday.