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  • Remote Update

    This update is coming to you from the middle of the bush where the fish-flies are dreadful. However, it won’t be posted until I return to the city where there’s an Internet connection.

    It is Saturday, July 15, 2017.

    Hope I remember I have this entry on my smartphone otherwise I’m writing it for nothing.

    This post is to notify you I’m still working and, as of this writing, have completed two penciled images for a client, with the third page needing the finishing pencils. All three will then be inked and the job will be complete.

    AXIOM-MAN/AURORAMAN: FROZEN STORM is also in progress, and I’m aiming for a mid-September release so the book can go out to the Kickstarter backers.

    Also in progress are a plethora of small art pieces which will eventually show up on my Instagram account. Search “#apfuchs” to be connected for when the viewing takes place.

    Reminder: Continuous weekly mayhem can be found via my newsletter, THE CANISTER X TRANSMISSION, at www.tinyletter.com/apfuchs

    Still running on fumes, but am getting things done.

    Remote update concluded.

  • Late-night Transmission

    This note is being transmitted at 2:09 am. Having a bit of trouble sleeping so thought it best to write this via the smartphone and then do a short bit of smartphone writng afterward to help me fall asleep.

    I wanted to let you know of two guaranteed releases from me in 2017. I know these are guaranteed because they are being written simultaneously week to week right now. They’ll be ready to publish around June or July.

    They are:

    The Canister X Transmission: Year Three


    An untitled collection of multi-genre flash fiction that will contain 60 short-short stories for your reading pleasure. Title to be announced once I think of one.

    I bid you all a goodnight.