Going Off-line (Mostly)

20160516_124932Please accept this as formal notice that I will be [mostly] off-line for the next 7-8 weeks.

Deadlines are bearing down and I need to clear out my current task list so this means no social media for the next while. If you need to reach me, please use the contact page on this site.

Emails will be responded to. My newsletter, The Canister X Transmission, will go out every Saturday as per usual.

My social media accounts will still be active but will be run by the (auto)bots except for some manual posts here and there through Hootsuite.

Watch this page for announcements and/or news as I will be posting here now and then.

See you all in a couple of months.


One Response to Going Off-line (Mostly)

  1. At least you didn’t have Decepticons running your social media.