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Axiom-man 10yr Crop

Did you know now and then Axiom-man makes an appearance in my newsletter? In fact, he was just in there last week for the second time. You see, every week in Year Three of The Canister X Transmission is a piece of flash fiction–various genres–and Axiom-man likes to pop up from time to time.

These stories are canon and are part of the overall saga.

(For those not aware, The Axiom-man Saga in its entirety is made up of novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, and comics.)

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Also note other superhero fiction shows up there as well.

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Here is an updated listing of The Axiom-man Saga in reading order:

Char (short story in the tenth anniversary edition of Axiom-man)
Episode No. 0: First Night Out
Doorway of Darkness
Black Water (short story)
Episode No. 1: The Dead Land
There’s Something Rotten Up North (short story in the anthology, Metahumans vs the Undead)
City of Ruin
Rite of the Wolf (short story in the anthology, Metahumans vs Werewolves)
Episode No. 2: Underground Crusade
Episode No. 3: Rumblings
The Split (flash fiction)
Mercy (flash fiction)

More superhero flash fiction to come.

Join me.


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