Up Around the Bend: What is Coming

I’ve been very busy behind the scenes here at Axiom-man Central. Presently, I’m working on PROJECT REBIRTH, which is my master plan to get things going again writing and publishing . . . and cartooning? Yes. As part of my grand comeback, I’ve decided to get back into the world of comics because it was comics that got me started down the book path and everything else I’ve done since. There are plans. There is work being done. Rebuilding what was lost is taking place at a steady rate. Healing that which was broken is also taking place. Applying lessons from the past both professionally and personally is also occurring.

Bottom line: Lots is happening.

Some of what you can expect coming from up around the bend:

– Resumption of my newsletter, The Canister X Transmission

– A Patreon account with special content just for patrons

– Order fulfillment of the Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm Kickstarter (if you missed the Kickstarter, the published book is available on the left)

– Publication of projects that were temporarily put on hold when life went to crap

– Bigtime expansion and growth of The Axiom-man Saga and associated products

– Revving up public appearances and media again

– New YouTube channel

– More . . .

Now understand, I’m a one-man band so while the above is presently being worked on, that doesn’t mean all of it is going to happen right away. Creating things takes time. Lots of time, even when working steady. Just how it is. Please be patient and keeping checking back here for updates. Announcements will also spill out of the social media machine as things are released into the world.

In the meantime, consider expanding your A.P. Fuchs collection while you wait. Plenty of books and comics to choose from on the left. I also ship direct, which gets you a signature and a personal message if you so choose.

Look after each other this week. Stand tall.


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