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  • Status Report – 042220

    status report 042220

    Status Report – 042220:

    Yesterday, I took the day off because I worked around two weeks straight and needed a break. It was also a day where I had some busy personal things that needed doing so those were done as well. Today, we are back at the drawing board.

    Fredrikus is coming along and so far 14 pages are penciled and inked. Computer phase is next. We are on track for my [hopeful] launch date (which I will reveal soon enough).

    The technical glitch on TinyLetter’s end seems to have been resolved so I just sent this past Saturday’s issue of The Canister X Transmission out to subscribers. Please check your inbox and junk folders (and don’t forget to white-list the email).

    That’s about it.


    This has been your Status Report for 042220.

  • Status Report – 041420

    Status Report 041420

    Status Report – 041420:

    Enjoying the new workflow, which follows my new system of Slowing Down to Speed Up.

    We are almost where we need to be to discuss Project Jackass here on the blog.

    Also, this was blog was retooled behind the scenes recently. A couple minor tweaks left–basically settling on one or two other plug-ins–but otherwise we seem to be back up and running smoothly here.

    Websites are fun.

    Right, don’t blog about blogging. That’s Old Internet.

    Had a health lapse recently but seem to be getting back on track. (Non-COVID related.) This is good.

    Back to the drawing board. Consider this notice one that says, “Yes, we are still working here and almost have news.”

    In the interim, please check out my YouTube channel and consider subscribing. Heroes and monsters are what the videos are all about.

    This has been your Status Report for 041420.

  • Status Report – 040720

    Comic end panel

    Status Report – 040720:

    The comics-making machine is in process and I’m making pages for Project Jackass. Like I said in my newsletter, I’ll talk about it more once I’m further in. I’m about 1/5 of the way and I want to be at about 1/2 before revealing the title. (However, the title was already revealed on Patreon awhile back as a patrons-first announcement; a perk to being a patron.)

    Having a good time at the drawing board and working with pencil and inks and paper. It’s a pleasant change from looking at a screen.

    If you need me or have a question, please shoot me an email. Thanks.

    Stay safe out there. Be smart. Watch out for each other.

    This has been your Status Report for 040720.