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  • Status Report – 061120

    status report 061120

    Status Report – 061120:

    It’s been primarily cloudy up here in the Great White North over the past few days, which suits me just fine as I prefer cloudy days to sunny ones. This isn’t an indicator of mood but rather I find cloudy days cozy.

    The ol’ brain is still coming online as I type this so I’m not 100% sure how the day is going to shape up. I might take a break from Project Rebuild today because I have a few items that need to head out the door in the near future, namely the final issue of The Long Year Five for The Canister X Transmission. It’s mostly written but I need to add a bit more to fill the double issue. Though we’re getting down to the wire on it, if there’s something you’d like to see in Issue 260, please drop me a line so I can include it.

    We’re still ahead of scheduling in regards to Fredrikus, but I have a fresh page scanned in and prepped for coloring so we might venture into that today. A new episode airs tomorrow so go here to get caught up.

    Yesterday, a new article went up on Patreon, this one getting into whether one should keep a creative schedule or not. That can be accessed here via the essays tier.

    This has been your Status Report for 061120.

  • Status Report – 060820

    status report 060820

    Status Report – 060820:

    I hope everyone had a good weekend.

    This morning, we put our effort and energy into Project Rebuild, then we ran a business errand, then promoted Fredrikus on Ello, got a start on this week’s double issue of The Canister X Transmission–in which we celebrate the end of The Long Year Five–then got onto this blog. What’s after, if anything, I don’t know. As usual, we’re still fooling around with new workflows due to COVID-19 and the new paradigm.

    Regarding this week’s upcoming edition of The Canister X Transmission, the invite is there if there is anything you want to see in that issue. Please shoot me a note sooner rather than later so I can try and include it.

    Sitting on the drawing board, at present, is Episode 18 of Fredrikus. I believe it’s Episode 4 that is set to air this Friday. It’s a two-parter giving more of a backdrop to Fredrikus’s way of life in the After Time of Earth. Go here to get caught up and be sure to tune in this Friday for the episode.

    Stay well. Stay safe.

    This has been your Status Report for 060820.

  • Status Report – 060220

    zomtropolis blog header

    Status Report – 060220:

    This morning, a new chapter of Zomtropolis was posted to Patreon. Please go here to start reading this post-apocalyptic futuristic tale.

    As for today, today’s main jobs include Web work, which I typically call “back-end work,” that is, stuff done out of the public eye. After these tasks are complete, I have an idea of what I’m going to get into for the remainder of the day but, like all things, sometimes you just have to wait and see what the day brings.

    Yesterday, we began piecing together this week’s edition of The Canister X Transmission. This will be worked on throughout the week. The Long Year Five is almost over! Another couple issues and it’s on to Year Six, which brings a new format and way of constructing the newsletter. Please go here to subscribe and stay current with what’s going on in my mad world of making books and comics.

    In general news, we’re doing okay today. A bit sore and a bit foggy, but we’re in the chair working because that’s what we do here.

    Have a good day, dear reader.

    This has been your Status Report for 060220.

  • Status Report – 060120

    status report 060120

    Status Report – 060120:

    Pictured above is my garden and it was set up this weekend. It was a lot of grunt work as we had to build the box (Friday) then fill it then plant in it (weekend), but work worth doing in our effort to make Axiom-man Central more self-sustaining. The garden has also now become a kind of getaway for me. I can go out there, inspect the plants, see if the soil needs watering, and just have time with nature.

    I’m a little sore today and a little tired after a busy weekend, but whatever.

    On today’s agenda is finishing up an episode of Fredrikus that is slated to air in a couple weeks, maybe three. I don’t know. I don’t have the interface in front of me at the moment. Read the current strips by going here.

    Also today, my friend and fellow cartoonist, Max West, launched his new webcomic. It’s called Poison Ivy Gulch and you can read the first strip right here.

    Have a good day.

    This has been your Status Report for 060120.

  • Status Report – 052820

    status report 052820

    Status Report – 052820:

    A few things –

    1) The Patreon edition of Fredrikus posted today. The non-Patreon edition posts tomorrow. (The Fredrikus Patreon edition posts a day early.)

    2) As per the pic above, my Instagram has become an art channel so please consider following me there for art posts.

    3) This weekend’s edition of The Canister X Transmission is mostly written and will go out Saturday.

    4) Today will mostly be spent making comics as part of our effort to do One Thing at a Time.

    5) I made spring rolls last night.

    This has been your Status Report for 052820.

  • Status Report – 052720

    status report 052720

    Status Report – 052720:

    We’re a little off today but nothing too bad. Namely just tired.

    This morning we uploaded a new episode of Fredrikus both to Patreon and to the main comic site. This episode will air in early June.

    I’m also giving thought to Project Rebuild and a loose timeline for it since 2020 as a whole screwed up the original schedule. I have a skeleton of a timeline and I think having a quasi-rigid/quasi-fluid structure to it is a good move at this juncture. I’ll try not to throw out any dates in case 2020 has more surprises but I will do my best on my end to be timely with the whole thing.

    On the agenda for today is making more comics and I think I know what next week is going to generally look like as well. In the meantime, need to finish off the current week.

    Anyway, here are some links to some terrific creators. You’d do well to check out their work.

    This has been your Status Report for 052720.

  • Status Report – 052120

    status report 052120

    Status Report – 052120:

    Greetings, reader.

    We are doing not too bad this morning. A little off but nothing that a few hours in the chair won’t cure.

    Part of what we’re doing here is retooling working methods yet again because, it seems, the weeks are taking on a kind of pattern where the beginning of the week goes one way, the latter half another.

    Part of the new paradigm, I suppose.

    Today’s main job is finishing a new episode of Fredrikus in terms of color. As the page stands right now, flat colors are all laid in. Modeling is the next step (whereby shading and such is added). Once this is complete, then we’ll get it ready to air for down the road.

    Not sure as yet what the other tasks will be. There are a few floating items that need tending to so might be one of those.

    Let’s see what the day brings.

    This has been your Status Report for 052120.

  • Status Report – 051120

    status report 051120

    Status Report – 051120:

    As you can see, it’s a chilly day here in the Great White North.

    Spring is never coming.

    Sipping coffee. Still waking up.

    We are doing computer work today because we have deadlines. Priority one is Web stuff.

    Book and Comic Production Season starts this week and will run for a while as we get to work bringing you some things we’ve been working on since I’ve been back.

    Time to log this entry then get to it.

    This has been your Status Report for 051120.

  • Status Report – 050720

    status report 050720

    Status Report – 050720:

    Two nights ago I had a migraine episode, my first one in 9 months. In short, it knocked me down and kept me there until it was done. Yesterday, I took the day off to deal with what was basically a migraine hangover. We are back in the chair today and just worked on Part Two of my two-part article series on what to do if you feel your career in the arts is sinking. This article will air shortly on Patreon.

    That draft of the article was today’s main task.

    In terms of how I feel, much better today. Let’s see what’s next.

    Oh, here is some artwork to look at.

    This has been your Status Report for 050720.

  • Status Report – 050420

    Fred leg

    Status Report – 050420:

    Today, we uploaded a new video to YouTube, worked on the cover to Fredrikus No. 1, and did some administration stuff.

    What you see in the pic above is part of Fredrikus No. 1, page 1.

    This strip will be in color.

    The cover is around 50% complete (color flats are down and modeling has begun).

    Hope you dig Fredrikus when he debuts, especially if life humor is your thing.

    This has been your Status Report for 050420.