Status Report – 092122

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Status Report – 092122:

Yesterday, I went to press on GIGANTI-GATOR DEATH MACHINE. Right now the printer is processing the files. My team member and I hit at snag on the eBook side of things so I’m in touch with my printer as to what to do. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. The main thing is the print copies turn out all right for Winnipeg Comic Con at the end of October. I can fiddle with the eBook side of things until then.

Why am I having eBook trouble? It’s simple, really. The old way of how I did things doesn’t work for me anymore so I’m looking into new ways to distribute my eBooks from one central location. An eBook hub, as it were. Eventually all my titles will get migrated over but until then, I’ll be doing this new system with new books going forward.

In other news, I barely slept Monday night, worked yesterday, but got a full night’s sleep last night. Still feeling the cobwebs, however, so I’m going to cut this one short.

This has been your Status Report for 092122.


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