Status Report – 060220

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Status Report – 060220:

This morning, a new chapter of Zomtropolis was posted to Patreon. Please go here to start reading this post-apocalyptic futuristic tale.

As for today, today’s main jobs include Web work, which I typically call “back-end work,” that is, stuff done out of the public eye. After these tasks are complete, I have an idea of what I’m going to get into for the remainder of the day but, like all things, sometimes you just have to wait and see what the day brings.

Yesterday, we began piecing together this week’s edition of The Canister X Transmission. This will be worked on throughout the week. The Long Year Five is almost over! Another couple issues and it’s on to Year Six, which brings a new format and way of constructing the newsletter. Please go here to subscribe and stay current with what’s going on in my mad world of making books and comics.

In general news, we’re doing okay today. A bit sore and a bit foggy, but we’re in the chair working because that’s what we do here.

Have a good day, dear reader.

This has been your Status Report for 060220.

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