Inktober 2019 Artwork Video Showcase

A.P. Fuchs Inktober 2019 Artwork Showcase Thumbnail
Inktober 2019 Artwork Video Showcase

Welcome to my Inktober 2019 Artwork Video Showcase!

As promised, here is the video showcasing this year’s Inktober efforts.

My Ello account has also been updated to show the three collages created from 31 drawings.

Inktober was completed on schedule, with 31 ink sketches done in 31 days at a rate of one per day. Images were shared each day on social media, with Instagram being where I uploaded them.

It was my first year doing it and I had a blast.

Please watch the video below and please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can ensure you receive notifications of each new video the moment they are uploaded.



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