Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Due to my changing workload, there will be some changes to the blog, namely in the area of Status Reports. I might do one on here once in a while, but I’ve decided to do them as weekly videos instead.

The plan is to record them Thursdays and then air them Fridays. I’m not sure when this will start.

My regular YouTube programming like unboxings, reader questions, vLogs, collectible showcases, etc. will remain ongoing.

This plan also opens up the blog for more topical content, whatever that might end up being.

There will be some overlap between these new weekly update videos and the newsletter because some folks prefer reading the updates and some prefer video. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, they’re both worth checking out because the content won’t be 100% identical and each will have their own perks.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Subscribe to my newsletter here.

Send me any questions or comments here.

Enjoy your weekend.

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