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  • Just Joshing Interview, January 2021

    Just Joshing

    This week I was a guest on Joshua Pantalleresco’s Just Joshing webcast/podcast. We talked books and comics. It was a great time despite me being awkward for the first bit (my social skills are rusty due to the lockdown).

    Anyway, we had a great time and you can check out the episode by going here.


  • Various Bits from the Net – 121019

    The Various Bits from the Net segment was something I did as part of a daily blog schedule many years ago when each day of the week (Monday-Thursday, with Friday being a summary day; hope I remembered correctly) had a specific assigned topic. They were the same week-to-week except for, of course, the content itself. Various Bits from the Net was one of those days and it was a day I would post links and/or commentary on various items from the Net that caught my interest.

    I’m bringing that feature back but, as of this writing, not as a set day per week but rather something I’ll blog about here and there.

    So that said, welcome to Various Bits from the Net 2.0. Today’s date is 121019.

    Points of interest: