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  • Status Report – 052120

    status report 052120

    Status Report – 052120:

    Greetings, reader.

    We are doing not too bad this morning. A little off but nothing that a few hours in the chair won’t cure.

    Part of what we’re doing here is retooling working methods yet again because, it seems, the weeks are taking on a kind of pattern where the beginning of the week goes one way, the latter half another.

    Part of the new paradigm, I suppose.

    Today’s main job is finishing a new episode of Fredrikus in terms of color. As the page stands right now, flat colors are all laid in. Modeling is the next step (whereby shading and such is added). Once this is complete, then we’ll get it ready to air for down the road.

    Not sure as yet what the other tasks will be. There are a few floating items that need tending to so might be one of those.

    Let’s see what the day brings.

    This has been your Status Report for 052120.

  • Status Report – 050420

    Fred leg

    Status Report – 050420:

    Today, we uploaded a new video to YouTube, worked on the cover to Fredrikus No. 1, and did some administration stuff.

    What you see in the pic above is part of Fredrikus No. 1, page 1.

    This strip will be in color.

    The cover is around 50% complete (color flats are down and modeling has begun).

    Hope you dig Fredrikus when he debuts, especially if life humor is your thing.

    This has been your Status Report for 050420.