Status Report – 040820

Snow is melting in April

Status Report – 040820:

As we make headway into Project Jackass, other things need tending to, some items being personal due to COVID-19 and how it’s affected the world. Today will be spent making comics and doing some of those personal things.

This blog was also retooled on the back end so your experience with it should be a better one compared to before. Might be a tweak or two to go yet, however, but generally speaking, this thing seems to be working just fine now. Finally.

And onward we go.

This has been your Status Report for 040820.

Ps. Hey, look at that picture. The snow is almost melted.

Pps. Here is my Ello account because, well, why not? I don’t use it much but we can hook up there if you’re a part of the site.