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  • Various Bits from the Net – 041220

    Welcome to Various Bits from the Net – 041220.

    Let’s see what we’ve come across this time. Last segment is here.

    If you’re a fan of Dave Sim and Gerhard of Cerebus fame, Dave does a weekly update on YouTube telling readers what’s going on at his end and what new Cerebus in Hell? issue is coming out (of which they do parody music videos for). Here is my favorite promo:

    You can visit the Cerebus channel on YouTube by going here.

    We’re watching Outlander on Netflix. They are based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. It’s enjoyable and encompasses an era I’d have no trouble living in. Here is the trailer:

    In on-line tool news, here is a website that capitalizes your titles/headlines for you in whatever style you select. However, I also encourage you to see how it’s done in the interest of education.

    Here is a link to Max West’s Twitter account for his webcomic debuting in June called Poison Ivy Gulch. This is the link to the website proper.

    And thus concludes this edition of Various Bits from the Net for 041220.

    Stay safe. Eat right. Sleep right.