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  • On Writing About Creativity

    A lot of what I share on here has to do with the creative journey and stating what I’ve learned through experience. The reason is rooted in my passion for the creative industry. I’ve been making stuff up since I was a kid running around in a Superman costume (something I did even when my other friends had grown out of it). It’s all I know.

    Making up stories, drawing, and thinking about how to better get my imagination onto the page takes up most of my time and is my preferred activity. Some guys work on cars or model kits to help fill the hours; I work on imaginary worlds. It’s just how I’m wired and I don’t know any other way to live my life.

    Is always talking about creativity beating a dead horse? I honestly don’t know because in my world that horse keeps coming back to life. All I know is writing out my thoughts on the creative life helps me organize them, and if they can benefit or entertain someone along the way, then I’m more than happy to take them on the journey with me.

  • Secret Project No. 4 (Project Jackass)

    Secret Project No. 4 Notebook
    Secret Project No. 4 Notebook

    This week I started a new notebook and aptly labeled its contents. It’s a project that I hinted at here. What it is specifically, I will keep under wraps for now. I want to make some decent headway into it before formally announcing it.

    Secret Project No. 4–also known as Project Jackass–is a means for me to get some honesty on the page and have a near anything-goes kind of fun in my creative work. Not that my other stuff isn’t fun, but this particular project is about raw honesty and, as I’ve been known to say, honesty is the backbone of creativity. It’s the creator’s duty to be honest regardless of their craft.

    There’s an element of catharsis that will no doubt go into it. It’s been a brutal season of life for me and I’ve only been out of it for about six and a half months. Getting it down on paper in a creative/showcase kind of way will help clear the remaining cobwebs and help me move forward.

    Here we go.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

    Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and there is a lot to be grateful for. In fact, there is always something to be grateful for whether it’s Thanksgiving or not. Today will be spent visiting and eating and taking it easy (oh, and doing Inktober, too). Having a break is a good thing and will fuel creativity for later.

    I want to wish my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving. Pause and breathe and take a moment to reflect on all you have, especially on the things that matter most like friends and family, acquaintances, and anyone who has crossed your path that has been a blessing to you in some way.

    Enjoy your day.

    Regular programming on the blog resumes tomorrow.