Project Rebuild Notice: Blood of my World Trilogy

Blood of my World Trilogy

Please note my Blood of my World Trilogy (Discovery of Death, Memories of Death, and Life of Death) are the next to be rebuilt.

The current editions will remain in print until we get close to press day on the reissue and then you will be notified of when they are going out of print. Now is a good time to get these first-edition copies in print or eBook before they’re gone for good.

Once the reissue for the Blood of my World Trilogy is complete, the next batch of reissues will be announced.

Note: The word “reissue” and not the plural was used on purpose because these three novellas are being consolidated into one volume when revamped.

Lastly, yesterday I posted a new video about the 1000mph work club. Please go here to check it out and see if you relate to doing a thousand things at once.