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Herald Article Apr. 20, 2017
Prairie Superhero Companions – Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm Kickstarter

Today, the citizens of Winnipeg found out about the Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm Kickstarter via The Herald, a weekly newspaper. The city also found out what’s coming up for Axiom-man and the plans I have not just for him, but for the city as well.

Thank you to reporter Sheldon Birnie for latching onto the news story and writing such a fantastic article.

The article can be read on-line at the Winnipeg Free Press‘s website here.

Also, please consider pledging to support Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm. The Kickstarter wraps May 4 and Auroraman creator, Jeff Burton, and I need your help. You can check out the Kickstarter here, which is packed with amazing reward tiers and all sorts of goodies. As well, feel free to share this blog post or link to the Kickstarter however you can.

Thank you in advance for any and all support.

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