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  • Mech Apocalypse: A Military Science Fiction Thriller

    A Stolen Weapon.

    A Rising Enemy.

    A Change to History.

    Riley Connor was one of the best skilled mech-pilots in the war between the Expherions and the Supremechs. Now, with the war over, he serves as a Peacemaker, part military, part law enforcement. When a secret weapon is stolen from the abandoned base Stake 47, he is suddenly thrust into a battle not just for the future security of the planet, but of the war he thought over with.

    Teamed with Sophie Jones, another highly trained officer and someone he is close to, they seek to discover precisely what this weapon is and what it can do. Also paired with them is Nick Fox, a seasoned war vet, and Grayson Wilder, a rookie exo-suit warrior. Together, the four must not only locate the weapon, but bring the thieves to justice.

    All goes haywire when the weapon is activated and an evil thought vanquished returns. Soon, Riley and Sophie find themselves in a place different from the world they left yet also familiar.

    From high flying exo-suit battles to giant mech-bots exchanging missile fire, Mech Apocalypse is an action-packed military sci-fi adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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  • Secret Projects Announcement! The Titles are . . .

    I’ve been talking a lot about “Secret Projects” in terms of what I’m working on. Awhile back I revealed the titles of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3 via my newsletter (a good reason to sign up for it, by the way: you get info early), but I haven’t revealed them publicly here.

    That said, I’d like to formally announce the names of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3.

    They are:


    Mechapocalypse 2

    Mechapocalypse 3

    They’re about, you guessed it, mech robots and mech war on an epic scale. Right now the title is one word though I might break it up into two prior to publication. Not sure yet. Regardless, it’s an exciting series with tons of action and I’m having a blast writing it. Book one is done, and I’m working on getting to the halfway mark of book two. I hope to have these finished and published in time for comic con in the fall. They will be released all in one shot. Will books 2 and 3 carry subtitles? Maybe. I’m also happy with just a simple numerical sequence for numbering the sequels. Something basic about that that I find charming.

    Can’t wait until these are all wrapped up, polished and published so I can share them with you. I know you’ll dig them.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.