Secret Projects Announcement! The Titles are . . .

I’ve been talking a lot about “Secret Projects” in terms of what I’m working on. Awhile back I revealed the titles of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3 via my newsletter (a good reason to sign up for it, by the way: you get info early), but I haven’t revealed them publicly here.

That said, I’d like to formally announce the names of Secret Projects Nos. 1-3.

They are:


Mechapocalypse 2

Mechapocalypse 3

They’re about, you guessed it, mech robots and mech war on an epic scale. Right now the title is one word though I might break it up into two prior to publication. Not sure yet. Regardless, it’s an exciting series with tons of action and I’m having a blast writing it. Book one is done, and I’m working on getting to the halfway mark of book two. I hope to have these finished and published in time for comic con in the fall. They will be released all in one shot. Will books 2 and 3 carry subtitles? Maybe. I’m also happy with just a simple numerical sequence for numbering the sequels. Something basic about that that I find charming.

Can’t wait until these are all wrapped up, polished and published so I can share them with you. I know you’ll dig them.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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