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  • Status Report – 060120

    status report 060120

    Status Report – 060120:

    Pictured above is my garden and it was set up this weekend. It was a lot of grunt work as we had to build the box (Friday) then fill it then plant in it (weekend), but work worth doing in our effort to make Axiom-man Central more self-sustaining. The garden has also now become a kind of getaway for me. I can go out there, inspect the plants, see if the soil needs watering, and just have time with nature.

    I’m a little sore today and a little tired after a busy weekend, but whatever.

    On today’s agenda is finishing up an episode of Fredrikus that is slated to air in a couple weeks, maybe three. I don’t know. I don’t have the interface in front of me at the moment. Read the current strips by going here.

    Also today, my friend and fellow cartoonist, Max West, launched his new webcomic. It’s called Poison Ivy Gulch and you can read the first strip right here.

    Have a good day.

    This has been your Status Report for 060120.