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  • Blog Update

    I’ve missed blogging. Though I had to stay away from it for a while for good reason, prior to the New Year starting I was itching to get back into it.

    See, when I disconnected from writing/publishing almost a year ago, I pulled the plug on everything. I mean everything, which included deleting the content of this blog. I think it was over 900+ entries. I’ve salvaged some of them and re-posted. Other stuff was just fluff, which can be left deleted forever. But in hindsight, I wish I would have left things intact, handled the situation differently, etc. No matter. The past is the past.

    Here we are, 2015. Time to blog again. I’ve already started on working to restore my movie reviews so you’ll see those going up regularly. I’m also planning on posting the book reviews I have access to as well.

    Then there will be other blog posts, whether ones about what’s on my mind, maybe a writing exercise or two, articles/essays, things like that. In the end, I hope whatever I post is something you’ll find interesting.

    Just wanted to keep you updated.

    Please check this site daily to see what’s going on.


  • Canadian Scribbler: Collected Letters of an Underground Writer

    Bringing together letters from 2005 – 2013, Canadian Scribbler: Collected Letters of an Underground Writer is a look into the world of independent publisher, author, editor and cartoonist, A.P. Fuchs.

    Topics include: self-publishing tips and tricks, writing advice, the C4 Lit Fest short story critiques, Fuchs’s superhero epic The Axiom-man Saga, book reviews and commentary, the Second Coming, thoughts on the comic book market, the gray areas of modern day society, and much more.

    Includes letters to such literary notables as Stephen King, Dave Sim, George Clayton Johnson, Piers Anthony, Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin J. Anderson and many others.

    Always insightful, often witty and consistently inspirational, Canadian Scribbler: Collected Letters of an Underground Writer is a thoughtful collection of letters from one man whose passion for the creative industry—and trying to survive in it—shines through on every page.

    Available as a paperback at:

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