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  • On Alternative Reading

    It’s a small niche and is outside the mainstream, but I’ve been giving a lot of thought to alternative reading and how important it is. It’s the stuff that’s not controlled by big corporations or publishing houses. It’s the stuff where money isn’t the primary objective. It’s the stuff that has the freedom to be open and honest—an industry not run by greed, but one run by love.

    I encourage you to check out zines, check out bizarro literature, check out off-beat publications, and support that side of the industry by not only getting the books and comics, but by also spreading the word about them. This world is so brainwashed it’s sad. We’ve been force fed the same shit over and over and all we do at the end is smile with our crap-covered faces and say, “More, please.”

    Time to shake things up, but we have to do this together. But it’ll never happen. It’s easier to sit in shit than to actually get moving and find a better, alternative spot.


  • Public Journaling

    Some say blogging is dead. Others still keep at it. I honestly don’t know if blogging is indeed dead, but I do know that writing is very much alive. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to blogging lately–as if I already don’t have enough to do–and want to revive this blog again. It used to be done five days a week, and most–perhaps all–of that was lost to the meltdown of 2014. Anyway, I was thinking that a good exercise would be to do some sort of weekly–maybe at one point daily–public journal. It could be about anything: Tell a life story, show a poem, post a picture and talk about it. Whatever.

    In terms of weekly commitments, my main one is my newsletter. To add another, I’m hoping, won’t be too much. Who knows? Maybe one day there’d be enough journal entries to make a blook (a blog book)? The entries would probably be short, maybe a few hundred words, unless I really get going. The idea would be to clear the cobwebs and dump out whatever I’m thinking about. Some sort of alternative reading resource.

    Blogging. It’s been awhile.

    Journaling might be even better.