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  • Wrapping up 2015

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas week. As we head toward New Year, and since I finally have some breathing room after all the Holiday parties, I’m finishing up some odds and ends around the studio while also juggling admin catch-up work.

    I have some things planned for 2016, and it’s stuff that’s only appearing in 2016 because it wouldn’t be ready by the end of this year.

    I’m not one for New Year’s creative resolutions. Going to go into detail as to why in this Saturday’s newsletter. Tune in here.

    See you in 2016.

  • Doing Stuff

    Been fairly busy since Comic Con, most of my time tied up in odds and ends all pertaining to this business: shipping orders, admin stuff, newsletter work, marketing, networking, freelancing, etc. Wish I could say I’ve been honed in on just a thing or two this past week and a half, but that hasn’t been the case. At the same time, getting these tasks done free up time for more writing and/or provide the monetary means to do so. Being a working writer means sometimes doing things outside of actual writing. But when I say that, I’m referring to the physical act of writing and not the mental act of doing it. I’m busy in my head all the time–pre-writing, if you will–thus making keyboard time easier and faster when I sit down to type things out.

    Anyway, this post is just meant as a brief update. More in-depth updates and book/comic/writing talk can be found weekly via my newsletter (see sign up link on the right). Don’t miss it.