Locked Up Cold – Manitoba Prairies in Winter

Manitoba Prairies
These are the Manitoba Prairies in winter.
Photo taken while driving by.

Locked Up Cold – Manitoba Prairies in Winter

Everything is locked up in ice in Winnipeg today with, according to the weather network and the time of this writing (morning), the temperature being -33C (-43C with the windchill).

Everything is utterly frozen solid in a giant block of ice, which means it’s time to simply hunker down and work. Lots of focus behind the scenes here at the Central. I gave you the rundown yesterday on where things are at roughly two weeks into 2020. Status is the same as of today. A good way to stay current on project statuses is via my weekly newsletter because info isn’t always shared on the blog.

Want to see boiling water being thrown into freezing air? I made this video the other week showing that:

There. Winter entertainment.

Keep warm.


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