Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm Copies Have Shipped

Frozen Storm Mailing and Showcase

At long last, the Axiom-man/Auroraman: Frozen Storm copies have shipped and went out last week. Auroraman creator Jeff Burton now has them for his signature and Kickstarter fulfillment. Those who ordered the tiers with the Frozen Storm paperback and/or the Frozen Storm limited lettered edition will now get their copies once Jeff’s signature is in place.

Thank you for your patience throughout this campaign.

Here is a video showcasing the editions. While you saw the paperbacks hot off the press in one video and the lettered edition in a separate unboxing video, here they are together.

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If you missed the Kickstarter and want a copy of Frozen Storm, please go here to order the paperback and/or eBook from a retailer of your choice.

There are a few copies of the special lettered edition left so if you’d like a copy, please inquire via email.


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