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  • Dead Science: A Zombie Anthology


    The human intellect knows no bounds because of them.

    We’ve built cities and nations upon them.

    We’ve stopped the spread of terrible diseases because of what we’ve learned from them.

    Lives have been saved . . . but lives also have been lost.

    Now those lives have returned from the grave, seeking revenge.

    Sometimes . . . science goes wrong.


    Featuring the terrifying tales of 13 authors, Dead Science brings you stories of the undead unlike any you’ve ever read before. Prepare to go behind-the-scenes and learn about the causes of various zombie uprisings and the havoc these creatures wreak upon the living.

    Stories by:

    Gustavo Bondoni, Eric S. Brown, Michael Cieslak, Lorne Dixon, Anthony Giangregorio, Glen Held, Becca Morgan, Mark Onspaugh, Gina Ranalli, Vincent L. Scarsella, Jason V. Shayer, Ryan C. Thomas and Adam J. Whitlatch.

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  • Canister X Book Review #12: The Undead: Zombie Anthology Edited by D. L. Snell and Elijah Hall

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    The Undead: Zombie Anthology
    edited by D. L. Snell and Elijah Hall
    4 out of 5

    Undead. The very word makes you shudder. Cold, lifeless bodies somehow still moving, running solely on instinct with an all-consuming hunger for human flesh. A horde of walking dead that don’t stop clawing at you, don’t stop chasing you, don’t give up . . . until they have you.

    The Undead‘s collection of zombie stories is just like that: unrelenting, non-stop, the-dead-keep-on-coming action, nearly each story gripping you hard and sucking you into a world of never-ending night.

    Some of the stories in this book are simply exciting tales of flesh-hungry gut-munchers, where others are more atmospheric, and yet others more character-driven than zombie-driven. For me personally, it’s the latter that I enjoy most (though I’m never opposed to a good old-fashioned zombie romp either).

    My favorite character-driven stories for this anthology were, “Home” by David Moody and “Ann at Twilight” by Brent Zirnheld.

    “Chuy and the Fish” by David Wellington is also a huge favorite. So very original, in this reviewer’s opinion.

    Other cool and well-written tales I thoroughly enjoyed were: “Hotline” by Russell Calhoun, “Graveyard Slot” by Cavan Scott, “13 Ways of Looking at the Living Dead” by Eric Pape, “Undead Prometheus” by Rob Morganbesser and “Pale Moonlight” by D.L. Snell.

    There were a few stories that fell short and one in particular that I remember reading and going, “Okay, not really sure what that was supposed to be.”

    There are three more books in Permuted Press’s Undead Anthology series.

    They’re on my list.

    This first volume got me hooked.