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  • Getting it Done and Writer Word Count Meters

    I did a panel on Time Management at the Central Canada Lit Fest a few weekends ago. While I went over several points and gave suggestions on budgeting one’s time for writing, my main message was simply this: get it done.

    That’s it, and that’s the real secret to a writer’s management of their time. It all comes down to actually writing versus humming and hawing about when to do it or how. Just sit down whenever possible, write, and go until the clock runs out or your story is done.

    It really is that simple.

    So in keeping with that spirit, I’ve set up word count meters on the side of this blog, the aim being to let you follow along as I write each project. Word counts listed are approximate and are not updated in real time. Likewise, final word counts are estimates. I’ll adjust the meters accordingly if it turns out something will be longer or shorter than predicted. I’ll also try to update my progress whenever possible.

    You might also notice the listing of three Secret Projects. They pertain to yesterday’s clue about how I want to present this website. That’s all I’m saying for now and I’ll let you speculate on what they could be. I started one of those S